The Decentralizer Chronicles

First strip/first edition:

“The origin story” Who is the D -Man..where does he come from…how did he become the Decentralizer.


“D -MAN”


Somewhere in the future we live in a world quite alien to the one we know right now.

Names and nationalities have been abolished.

Everyone is allocated a unique identity to curb crime,terrorism and mutant super viruses.

We live in the world we feared most because we traded our freedoms for security…we live in the NWO…the NEW WORLD ORDER run by the elite -the 1% who are the richest and most powerful. Their aim is to keep the 99% in fear and loathing and maintain the status quo. All world citizens are micro chipped to control where they are and what they are doing and nothing can be bought or sold with cash anymore. Democracy is an illusion.

But..there is no more hunger or war.No more terrorism. No more crime. Or very little of it. Population is controlled and meat is only eaten by the very rich. Anyone who brings a child into the world without a license is sent to a re education centre. Anyone deemed as a threat to the WORLD COUNCIL (WC) is immediately neutralised. Free speech doesn’t exist and everyone is controlled.However,-there still remains a resistance to the new global order. Call it the human spirit. Call it the wish for freedom of choice and originality. Humanity has fallen into a deep deep sleep… Artificial Intelligence and the 5 th Industrial revolution is a reality.

AI runs our trains and buses…and a WORLDWIDE TRANSNET ( WWT) links up the main cities around the planet. Global ecological disasters and climate change are the “threat’ to civilisation as Communism and Nazism and Islamic extremism was. Elon Musk has made it to Mars and the Chinese have built the first Moon Colony. Natural disasters and the big war in the Middle East have cost millions of lives and led to the formation of the World Council after the United Nations were dissolved and the security council voted to create a world government. At first there were protests …there were some who resisted… but all that soon disappeared. There is no national sovereignty anymore. We live in a secular world order with one law for all. Despite this over population and over consumption led to the poisoning of the air-the water and the land… some brave souls live off the grid… but those are few and far between.

Into this apocalyptic world D-MAN or JC4763M1 is born. JC47 as he is known by his friends works as a recycler. His job is to recycle anything that is of value and make it useful to society again. The Communal Recycle Units (CRUs)are run by robots… conscious robots that identify what the item is and place it in the right bin. JC47 just oversees it. But his life is soon to change. His girlfriend gets pregnant without a license. In the future ..this is regarded as a sex offence and once on the register… you cant get are marked ..branded for life .
He must go for 5 years of re education and chemical castration if he wants to be removed from the register- or failing this … he loses his job and lives as an outcast in the forbidden zone. No one has ever returned form the forbidden zone.

Only the stories of horror and humiliation.

He chooses to be re educated and castrated!

Up until the day of his confinement in the state “REC” facility ( Re-Education Centre) JC47 was in fact an average guy..working an average job. He didn’t think much about anything because it didn’t affect him. He was indifferent..He didn’t care. He wasn’t bothered.

After his routine castration and re-education which involves 5 years of confinement- hard labour and 24 hour humiliation by Nazi like guards (as well as sex offender courses explaining how benevolent and right the WC (World Council)is in its wish for better humanity,a better world and a better life for all. … he’s happy to be out… finally.

His record is expunged-deleted.… But his ID is updated reflecting his past…no one wants to give him a job… Times and politics have changed. Any ‘DEVIANTS’ ( those who have been deemed unworthy to be upgraded)are virtually excluded from good jobs… and his ID No. Reflects this new policy of the WC to DC4763M1 . The government have not kept their word. They lied.

JC4763 is released. After doing his time and ‘paying his debt to society”… but he cant find a job. He is a deviant. An outcast.

His only work is either as an unpaid volunteer working for food . No one wants to rent him a room or give him a permanent job.A second chance. He is ‘branded’ – this in order to further put more fear into the minds of the masses. ( “ OBEY the law or be BRANDED …A DEVIANT- NO SECOND CHANCES!)- Totalitarian fascism has become the order of the day… resistance is futile…
He visits the local job centre every day…but the only job he can get is dressing up as a banana man advertising freeze dried fruits… fresh fruit doesn’t exist anymore. Its a thing of the past.

He sleeps rough… wherever he can..out of the way… because being homeless is a crime – and he knows he would have to return to the incarceration if he is caught. He sleeps under bridges in the bushes… or in trash compactors under the rubbish and washes in the public toilets. He becomes a shadow. Time goes by… and his life gets worse… he gets ill… he gets weaker…his only solace is the bottle. He becomes an alcoholic.

One day he thinks about throwing himself off the town bridge where all the “SUICIDERS” jump who cant take it anymore… who have just had enough of the struggle and the shame.

He thinks…’ Why not?” What could be worse than this hell I’m living in?
He stares DEEPLY into the abyss…the dark..dark abyss of no return…he is about to jump when he realises his SPIRIT is stronger than his mind. His will… His depression. He cant do it. ‘
Life is a gift’ He realises ..”Its not mine to throw away!”…. He says to himself.

“I must fight!…I must not give up!”- He shouts

He carries on walking across the bridge and decides to sleep the night in a forest perched above the gorge.
He’s never been this far out of town before…and he’s tired..very tired.
“I’m a coward… he says as it begins to rain… “ I didn’t have the guts…I should have jumped!-Damn!”

He jumps over a low wall next to the bridge and immediately he feels he is back in the shadows again… in another world ..away from CCTV and prying eyes.. the rain is falling heavily and its cold..his clothes are drenched…

“ I must find shelter !” He thinks.

End of part one


Humming to himself “Heart of Gold “by Neil Young… JC47 enters the cold and dark house… empty for years and smelling of decay ,dust and cobwebs…

“mmm- Seems like no one here!”

He sees a crack in the back door and puts his shoulder to swings open…held only by what looks like a doorstop. The place is a large 19th century mansion. Abandoned by the owners because of the rates and taxes… it was once the pride and joy of a slave trader turned banker then recluse…for some strange reason although sitting on the edge of the city it had never been sold… maintained by a rich mans trust or foundation and uninhabited except by the occasional squatter. He was amazed.

“ Its a gem!”

And its a national monument cause its over 100 years old… so they cant pull it down… JC47 thought.

By the time he found the kitchen it was late and he was hungry. he scrounged around and found an old tin of cat food…

”Must be around 50 years old this can..they don’t sell cat food in tins anymore …oh well!”…He muses.

He grabs a knife and jacks it open… smells it…
puts it on the piece of bread from his knapsack… …eats.
“Shit!- if they find me here…Ill get another 10 years of RE-ED(Re Education)… gotta be careful… secret…!!”

He washes the cat food sandwich down with some illegally procured Jura moonshine whisky …

“ But this would make a good squat for us Deviants!”

He plays some of his favourite dance music and starts to dance with the resident cat …swinging him around light heartedly…

“Wow… this place must have been amazing… what parties they had… what opulence…
and its all mine!” He thought..well at least until they discover theres a squatter here…
I wonder if theres a secret passage somewhere?”…

-he stomps his foot on the floor and suddenly …it cracks-rotten with decades of decay… he falls… down..down- down-down…into the dark musty cellar below… it seems a long time before he wakes up… he smells… feels his body… nothing broken…tries to stand…but cant… he’s twisted his ankle. Feels something wet … its blood from a gash on his head…

“Damn- Damn-DAMN!”- How the hell am I gonna get outta here!?”

He’s fallen into what looks like an ancient cavern ..a basement hued out of the cliff face before the house was built… it appears as if he’s alone… nothing but the sounds of bats and rats… and the scribbling of spiders as they crawls around him… seems like a breath of fresh air coming from somewhere…but he doesn’t know where…

“Light- I need light!”

He lights a candle from his ruck sack…


Against the wall of the underground cavern he’s fallen into … a mummified skeleton appears to be chained t the wall… is this human? is it alive? But he looks closer… it doesn’t move…

“Oh he must be dead!… thats alright then… I guess…”

He passes out-exhausted from his exertions… even the cat seems no where to be found… just a distant mewing… He covers himself with his emergency solar blanket… at least he wont freeze…time passes… he doesn’t know whether its night or day… he awakes… screams at the top of his lungs… no answer back…

This is funny!-How weird…First I wanted to kill… it looks like I’m gonna starve to death… alone with the cat, the rats and the bats… oh…and the spiders and this strange decrepit old man chained to the wall.


He looks around the room… actually a cavern…you cant really call this a room… its hewn out of rock…
against the walls theres what looks like some kind of roots growing… and next to the old man… what looks like mushrooms… or some kind of fungi

“mmm- I wonder… but what can I survive on ?!

This old man must have survived on something..if not light… what about water?
There doesn’t seem much of any use… but he does see what looks like a slow dripping from the ceiling… must be damp condensation… maybe if I can collect that I can survive..even if I have to lick it-lick the walls and the floor for moisture…… but will it be enough?
Hope so…its a week later… he’s got a few candles for light so he starts trying to decipher the scribblings of this mummified man who died chained to the wall…but theres a strange kind of feeling of peace …a feeling he’s never felt before… away from the whole a bear in a cave…like he s back in his mothers womb again… now…all he can do is survive…

“Bottoms Up! “
He mixes a cocktail of mushrooms and roots with the last of his JURA moonshine.
After what seems to be a few hours… he retches… throws up what left in his stomach…

“Maybe I just ate poison?” He asks himself.

But its hard to tell…the shimmering light from above and rejected on the ave…suddenly changes… his remaining candle flickers in its dying throes …

“Maybe I’m dying ?” he thinks…

“But what a way to go!” He laughs to himself …

The room changes and in it dimensions all seems to be out of proportion-WARPED … colours become more clearer… sounds more acute…sharper –
he feels like he can hear everything..better now – even the distant sound of the city far below him… he’s like super aware …

Suddenly-he hears a sound behind him… the old man… comes alive…his hands slipping from the chains that bind him…

“Hello son!- Hows LIFE?”

JC47 screams.

“You are the first person I’ve seen in a very long time…
WELCOME HOME!… HA!-bet you didn’t expect that huh?”

He cackles in a high pitched sound which appears like he’s some wretched witch at full moon- everything around him becomes multi dimensional. Colourful.

“I’m going MAD!!!!” HELP!”

He screams AGAIN-( but no ones listening)… and then he feels like he’s levitating off the ground-like everything around him including the air molecules are vibrating at some high frequency…… the old man takes him by the hand and says:

“I’ve been waiting for you.. a very long time !
I know everything… your whole life story…
Let me show you something you’ve never seen before!”

“ What?”- JC asks

“the Wisdom of the Ages… JC47- we are the Keepers of the Knowledge-the DRUIDS OF THE EARTH…the wisdom of the ages…we are the Guardians…and you have been CHOSEN! “The old man asserts in a serious tone of voice.

“CHOSEN?” JC47 questions…


JC47 is taken on a trip..a multi -dimensional psychedelic journey through what seems to be the history of the planet…from its very beginnings…its wars… its births… everything…its all flashed before him like some kind of Time Machine…

“We have ALL the history – ALL of the events … ALL of whatever it is you want to know that has happened here on Earth… “- Its all here!”…

He pulls out a golden disc… like an orb… its shining in the almost complete darkness of the cavern… LIKE A MINY SUN.OR SHINING STAR…

“This is it. “ The Old Man whispers…This is IT!-

This is the software… with this you will NO longer be an ordinary citizen in an ordinary world!…This is the key to ALL the technology in the universe…this is your transceiver…with this you can do anything…build anything… be anything…

”You must be kidding…I’m in an hallucinogenic hologram… I must be..this is NOT real!!! son… Its very -VERY REAL!
( The old man punches him in the face)

OUCH!- You didn’t have to do that!… (JC47 rubs his jaw)

We have passed on this disc from person to person for millennia… thousands of years… this is no accident… you were drawn here….right to my feet…this is Shambala..this is Eden..Shangri la.. whatever you want to call it… welcome home!- this is your life mission…to save the planet from reptilian destruction…

“But you are dead!…I saw you chained to the wall!”…

What is death? If not separation… but perhaps … just perhaps … immortality is simply consciousness… a lucid dream and perhaps… you too can also become immortal…?

The Old Man seems to say in a beatific tone.

I’m high! – Stoned ..WASTED!- OUT OF IT…!

The old man cackles…

“Never more than you need to be!”


JC47 screams again.

No need … no need…! Hahahahah… you are HERE!… the journey is within..thats the RIGHT place to begin!…you have to start somewhere after all…

The old man cackles HYSTERICALLY again in INSANE glee…

“Shit!!! I’m really fucked!! I’ve lost it-MAN-I’M TRULY SCREWED..I’M GONNA DIE!!!!! HELP!!!”

“What is it you TRULY seek , my son? what is your quest?”

“I seek MEANING… Old Man!… “

“Just call me “OM” if you like…so… my son…you what to be a changemaker…? To make a difference?”

“Maybe…” JC47 says quietly.

“I just want to know if this is IT?… a life of loneliness, misery,celibacy and re education…!!!?”


He feels red like dwarf Indians speaking in high pitched voices scolding him- pinching his skin all over- even his eye lids…



“Then follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD Hahahaha!”

( The old man laughs again …cackling crazily)

By this time …JC47 has removed all his clothes and has melted into the walls of the cavern- it is as if the walls were never there… he feels himself crawling through what appears to be an endless tunnel…the old man …has disappeared… in a puff of smoke..mist and sulphur…

He feels himself crawling through water-mud-puke- faces- mud- worms- maggots- decaying vegetable materials..bones..blood … and all the unspeakable things ever created beneath the earth… hidden from the eyes of the sun…hidden from all light …he is squirming his through what appears to be the vaginal passages of hell.

He awakens- conscious of his surroundings again..


… He looks up through a cave ceiling with spyglass hole above him… around his neck… the golden disc with some strange symbol carved on it-( the most precious object in the world) … tied around his neck with what appears to be some kind of twisted-woven skin – grizzle or rope… he doesn’t know quite what… and through the echoing caverns and tunnels of the underground…… the Old Mans voice booms through his very soul…resonating in his mind like a big brass bell struck at the end of a long war…Drumming inside the core of his being…



…the cackling of this strange yogi reverberates in his mind as suddenly he feels BRAND NEW-alive again..his wounds healed… his body shimmering with cold sweat and hot steam rising up to the cold dawn……and all the remains of this terrible transcendental nightmare he has just endured in this timeless odyssey into the unknown….he awakens to the sun rising through the clouds above… … and as he crawls upright from his foetal position on the musty floor of the cave… he feels a new strength come upon him like a cloak of anointed oil…like a warm shower of golden light and love…and HOLY FIRE… It is as if a strange spirit has entered him…transforming him…The creaking in his bones,sinews and joints… straightening his body and shedding the tiredness of his past -and the dark night of his tortured soul… He realises he is enlightened…at last…and FREE- for the first time in his life… really free… and with a smile… He says ever louder to the whole world without any fear:
“I AM D- MAN!!!-
-I AM D -MAN!!!-
-I AM D-MAN!!!!”

End of Part Two.

Because to request another edition of THE DECENTRALISER MAN

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