The world is a smaller place now than ever before. Some people call it “the global village” – transportation is easier and so is communication. The Internet – Information revolution of the last 30 years has empowered individuals and communities all over the world. We can do so much more now than ever before and we are making greater technological breakthroughs every day…but this is not the only thing that is happening. 

We‘ve seen the economic gap between rich and poor grow and the global elite have essentially disempowered and excluded the majority – the so called “99%. We saw the impact of movements such as Occupy expose much of these inequalities. 

But other partnerships and alliances have been formed between local struggles and global ones. One of these is with the rights of indigenous peoples. Last year the IPUN- Indigenous Peoples United Nations  ( signed a charter of rights in San Francisco on the 26th June with the secretary general of the UN. This group (IPUN)is concerned about creating alliances with other indigenous tribes or first nations all over the world to create a stronger voice in the forums and platforms of change such as the United Nations and others.. Glocal Matters supports this group as others who are working towards a better more just and fairer world. One of these groups is the Africa Unite Peoples Embassy. Another example of internationalism impacting local issues is the breakthrough that occurred in the land dispute in the Black hills of South Dakota which is currently run by the US parks board. 

The Rainbow Family had their national gathering on the land – much to the consternation of some of the Lakota People (James M. Swan) -since this land is regarded as sacred by the Sioux Nation. 

Also there is an ongoing legal dispute of its ownership with the United States Government who have yet to honour an 1868 agreement. Chase Iron Eyes, supporter of freedom fighter Leonard Peltier who is the worlds longest serving political prisoner has called for a “ RAINBOW ALLIANCE” after those that met the rainbow realised most of what had been published on the internet by was indeed counter intelligence propaganda orchestrated by a CIA government operative ( Dr. Alton Carroll). 

What Glocal Alliances and partnerships are doing in the 21st century is to break down the walls of fear and division – much as the walls of apartheid was broken down in the 20th century..and fascism..and all other “ isms” .We are living in a more transparent and open world. Theres no place to run anymore from truth  and solidarity . We must work together. It is obvious. Our aim should be to work towards forging these glocal alliances that can self empower us as individuals and let the light come into the darkness and dispel this fear of others who are different to ourselves. 

After visiting Davos 2016 we see the need to break down all walls…even the ones that divide the 1 % with the 99%. That is why we are also calling for a Global Activists Summit(G.A.S)  in the home of Anarchism in September 2016. HAVE A BLAST  AT G.A.S. ! -ST. IMIER 2016. 

Glocal Alliances WILL bring us closer to World Peace- if we want it! The global village starts glocally!-With the information age we now have the technology to communicate between the distances that divide us. And this is why it is good to embrace change because by doing so we embrace health ..we embrace evolution for all of humanity on planet Earth. Let us chase away the darkness by embracing the light…as St. francis once said:

“ The light of a single candle can never be extinguished by all the darkness in the world!”

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