What possible advantage would China get from releasing of pandoras box onto the world ? And is this the CRIME OF THE CENTURY in plain sight ? Who wins? The Davos crew -the deep state -the globalists or the CCP?

Yes. There is that theory too of course. There was some military games in Oct in Wuhan.

But this is doubtful.  That is what appears to be reasonable doubt. A way of shifting blame. Very clever. If true. But America would not shoot itself in the foot. In fact its further evidence of an intentionally released bioweapon. By the CCP.

China has more to gain from a global pandemic that shipwrecks the world economy, and in particular the jiang faction who is at odds with president xi. (Many chinese officials loyal to jiang have been imprisoned over the years for corruption )

Jiang controlled the wuhan lab through his son and grandson. It is likely that the militant faction loyal to jiang and his corrupt cohorts wanted to sink  the chinese economy ,and the worlds …at minimum casualty cost and economic…so that there would be a power shift towards a more communist insular china.

The plan if intentional…went 100% in favor of China. (What were 1000s of chinese tourists doing in Spain in january ?)…a global pandemic which happens to be 100% in favor of the 2030 agenda.

Nature has won so far. It is brought man to his knees with a microbe. And that still is an option on the table. This is an act of nature to a sick and dying world…a correction if you like to the virus that is contaminating the planet…MAN.

But who win the race over the next decade to global hegemony? America …or china? If china is guilty (and I speak of the ccp) then it was game set and match …if they could get away with it through plausible deniability,  obfuscation and suppression of information pointing to the guilty. It’s like china fot caught ted handed with its hands in the cookie jar.. hoarding PPE…and spreading disinformation.

And if this was a dark op by the cia …then it was well executed. But at what advantage is the question? If this is a false flag it can only be to implement the next phase of the nwo which is all about techno control. Both had the means, the motivation and the opportunity…but who stands to gain more ,and who is more likely to be the guilty one.

Who wins ? That is the million dollar question..if this black swan even was intentional.

One China…that is the stated goal of the CCP. More specifically victory over capitalism and the USA. It is clear there was a motivation to perpetuate this heinous act of terror. And there was opportunity. But what we dont know is if..there was a will to open that black box of covid 19 …this is what we need to know. Or if it was an act of opportunism that made China look guilty with its attempts at a cover up.

That or a loss of face. This is what we need to know.

One that would emerge after a global pandemic superior and dominant. America and the world would become more dependent on China because it had no choice …and the race for AI and the 4 th industrial revolution would be won…by China. More exactly…the peoples republic of china or the chinese communist party that numbers 90 million members.

The key part of winning this race was technological dominance. But if america banned huawei …and others followed suite..  it would not be possible.  If this is all about winning a trade war…and being the dominant superpower..america had more motive. Why ? Because they

Robin Poul Rainbow, [10.05.20 18:03]

were losing the battle.

But in chinese thinking …if you have a stronger force or adversary … you bend like a reed in the wind.

And you sacrifice one battle to live and fight another day..stronger because you control the out comes. Some say pearl harbour was a planned outcome…a honey trap like a woman with her legs open …

Because by sinking their own ships which were later refloated…america was in the war. Of course some say that is a conspiracy  theory. Sometimes the most obvious thing is usually the correct answer when you discount all other theories . Personally,  I like to think there are good guys running the show and a few bad guys trying to muddy the waters.

It can be said true of both Americas government and Chinas.

However, by shipwrecking the global economy…it would win the war because it was able to restart much faster..

And by winning the race to the finish line..the war would in effect be won by the CHINESE allowing them to DOMINATE the new economy that would emerge after the chaos. And if this happened by pure chance anyway…china has emerged the lucky one. QUID PRO QUO.

It is likened to sinking your own ship intact and refloating it again it to fight another day. It’s a strategy.

That’s weichei. That’s the art of war. Thats unrestricted warfare. Thats how the mind of the CCP thinks. Particularly this shanghai clique if they exist as a counter faction to Xi. And that is how the mind of any military strategist would see it if given the chance to play.

And it is strange wuhan was the place it began …why ? Because in chinese mythology it has a SPECIFIC PLACE in folklore. Under all of this is history …spirituality and international relations…and if you understand all of those factors…you can predict what your enemy will do next. It’s that simple. If this was intentional… the message is simple.. theres a new kid on the block…and its china. More specifically the CCP.

China has now accelerated many things since…

Eg digitalising its economy and losing cash. It would also be…if an intentional act of war..a change in the HEAVENLY MANDATE (see chinese revolution 1911)…And this is the right question to be asking to understand the military mind behind this.

Thus controlling every transaction. Increasing the power of the surveillance state thereby quelling dissident voices through social crediting and restrictions of movement due to virus concerns.

Being able to essentially imprison the entire population at will using the excuse of contagion… and further laying its claims on Hong Kong Taiwan and the South China sea. One china. The list goes on.

My gut feeling is this may have been jealousy and a power struggle within china. But it could also have been an unprecedented move of …OPPORTUNISM.  Which is the Chinese way  (read the  sun tzu Art of War ).

Choosing Wuhan , an auspicious city (overthrowing heavens mandate)-for the shift to take place…to open pandoras box …would be a sinister move to overthrow the global hegemony of the west thereby overthrowing the heavenly mandate.. a conspicuous and auspicious move on the board of the 21st century “great game”

Remember chinese people are very superstitious.  They believe in signs. In spirits that inhabit rocks and animals. That’s why half of Africa’s elephants and rhino have been decimated. Chinese medicine. It’s all about power king fu… Moving on…

Jiang Zemin was and is …a hardliner. The ex leader of the CCP and still a force to be reckoned with. And his family have connections to the wuhan lab.

The aim to discredit China in the world and act in revenge for xis crackdown of corrupt jiang officials. Has this event consolidated the power of Xi in China or fragmented it ? That’s the right question to ask… and which faction will wi

Robin Poul Rainbow, [10.05.20 18:03]

r the world ever to trust China again.

Already African leaders are cancelling their debts to china. This pandemic has destroyed not only trust but lives…economies.. jobs…this is big.

But if xi is innocent…

If it was an honest mistake then…theres nothing to fear.

One thing is sure … until we know…it wont be business as usual.

Trust once broken is hard to regain.

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Robin Poul Rainbow, [10.05.20 18:03]

n this internal power struggle if at all it exists. ?

But even if you ask this question you see the answers.

In Chinese culture as in business you calculate everything to the last dime before you start any venture.

Look at the game…GO. (weichi)it’s a game of complex strategy. And to understand how chinese strategy works on a global stage you should understand this game. Its extremely complex…

Much more so than chess.  For this to be intentional…the chinese communist party would calculate everything from start to finish. Including the costs to trade, human lives…and the global reputation of china.

It would all be calculated with one aim…to sacrifice for the higher good. In this case the winner of the game. The ideological game and thus dominate not only the next decade but also the developing global south. In Africa up until the outbreak of corona..  China was winning this trade war by implementing grandiose infrastructure developments and laying the foundation of a chinese dominated electronic goods dependency.  Eg Huawei.

It was not in president xis interest to shipwreck his economy . He was a supporter of the 2030 agenda. His grand legacy was to build the belt and road initiative. And to see china emerge over the next 10 years as a dominant superpower able to colonise the moon …able to build robots…and finally able to defeat capitalism and western democracy with the ideology of the socialist market economy. A triumphant and victorious socialist  internationalist victory.

But he had enemies. One being jiang zemin or the shanghai clique.. The other the rest of the western world.

So imagine you create a world wide depression? What country would emerge stronger? What country is able to emerge quicker? What country would win the ideological war? Socialism vs capitalism..

( remember in china it is pragmatism that uses capitalism to achieve socialist goals. They are still communists at heart.  That is in the opinion of chinese strategists including Xi why the soviets lost the cold war.

So in the end whether from chance, or by accident …pandoras box has been opened.

It may have not been what president xi wanted to do…but it could have been what the communist party hard liners wanted. A return to the cultural revolution of mao…a return to a centralised militant china able to implement its foreign (and domestic)policy designs unhindered.

(Eg Taiwan, hong kong , africa, south china sea)

What is certain is that something happened. And that is what the world needs to know. If president xi has nothing to fear and nothing to hide.. he will come out and tell the truth. The 1000s of victims around the world ..DEMAND it. I like to think we live in a world that has ethics and values that search for the common good in humanity. But I can honestly say looking at the record of china in the last 30 years…I think it is quite possible.. from a criminal minds point of view for this to be the work of the highest echelon of the CCP.

One only needs to look at the human rights abuses..the disappearances..  the re education camps..  and lots more. China is an autocratic dictatorship that has a plan. Let’s not lose sight of the moral imperative for the human race to consider. As much as you might dislike america …there us a right.. and there is a wrong. But when your adversary doesn’t know the difference…then we have a big problem. Chinese goods arnt so cheap anymore when compounded with the human costs to make them.

Why did china lie to the world about human to human transmission ?

Xi can be forgiven for trying to save face. But if this virus was released intentionally by a person or persons loyal to a dissident faction in china..  then that too needs to be known for the world ever to trust China again.

Already African leaders are cancelling their debts to china. This pandemic has destroyed not only trust but lives…economies.. jobs…this is big.

But if xi is innocent…

If it was an honest mistake then…theres nothing to fear.

One thing is sure … until we know…it wont be business as usual.

Trust once broken is hard to regain.

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