Rainbow Peace Camp

Aim: To share hope and compassion.

Vision: To set up a camp on the border of Turkey & Syria to serve refugees suffering from PTSD-(

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Definition of Trauma: TRAUMA means the wounding of ones soul- from the Greek its direct

translation is “ wound”.

Introduction: PTSD is a common factor both during conflict and after. It is the intention of this group to

provide on the ground trauma therapy to the victims of the civil war in Syria.

1. What are the basic causes of PTSD?-

1. Loss of Loved ones.

2.Loss of Physical ability through injury.

3.Loss of Physical and emotional integrity through assault-torture-displacement-violence or rape.

4.Loss of status and or reputation.

5.Loss of stability through the loss of ones home- property or support network.

6. Loss of faith in humanity and or God.

7.Loss of love.


2. What are the symptoms of trauma?

1. Memory loss/forgetfulness

2.Disorientation or confusion

3.Panic-anxiety attacks- depression- cold sweats etc.

4.Flashbacks( always on replay)

5.Loss of sleep or loss of appetite.

6.Cannot adjust to normality( not firing on all 4 cylinders)


7.Nightmares- demonic rages-

8.Inability to function on a daily basis or cope with daily challenges.


9Uncontrollibiltiy of ones emotions or thoughts. Lack of empathy at times.

10.Physical tiredness- lethargy-sudden sleep.


3.What should a potential volunteer not do?

1. Criticize.

2.Hurry up the process beyond what the client is able to handle.

3.Judge or be self righteous.

4.Be inconsistent


6.Fail to listen

7. Insult religion – tradition or culture.


4.What is trauma therapy and what kinds of therapy do you plan to deliver?

Our aim is to share hope and compassion by getting alongside the victims of trauma- by showing them we

care about their wellbeing. To assist the client to confront their demons /fears and to bring them into the


HERE & NOW! To bring them into REAL TIME!

How do we heal the human heart?

Laugh- Cry-Love- Listen!

It is therefore important to almost hold the hand of the person affected and escort them on their journey

to their healing breakthrough. But only they can win their freedom for themselves. They must desire it.

Our job is to help them get there if they want to.

5. What kind of trauma therapies are there?

1. ART therapy:Paint- sketching etc. Helps to transform anger into something creative beyond words.

2.MUSIC therapy: Listen to traditional or familiar music – folkmusic helps one to cry and that is good.

Any kind of music transcends language and culture if it touches the heart. Also playing music the act of

creating assists in the healing process.

3. DRAMA therapy: Transforms negative emotions into more positive ones. In drama we can act out our

fantasy and this is a way of bringing out or lancing the wound…the poison from the wound. Theatre of the

Oppressed does this as well as improvisation.

4.WRITING therapy: Creative writing- poetry- all helps to externalise the emotions and form words from

thoughts. It is a very positive form of healing.

5.LISTENING therapy: Often people need to just vent and let it out. Counseling helps as well as simply to

be there to listen to what is in that persons heart. The Samaritans use this technique and it has been used

extensively in prison for years.

6. MOVEMENT therapy or DANCE therapy: Doing something with ones body helps to activate the


endomorphins in the body.Any kind of movement therapy such as juggling- dancing- tai chi- chi gung-

walking-capoweria- it all helps to bring one to real time and is good for the health rather than be



7. EDUCATION therapy: To redirect the thoughts of the individual from a position of shock and

incapacity. Even if it is basic skills such as reading and writing.It employs the mind.

8.CRAFTS therapy: Working with ones hands helps one to focus on the here and now.It brings one to the

present time.And at the end of it one has created something visual and ascetic.

9.GAME therapy: Any kind of game engages the mind and distracts the person from external goings on.

10. GROUP therapy: We are not alone!- We suffer through what we suffer …together. In Africa we call

this awareness of community ..” Ubuntu”… I am because you are… stuff like that.

11. ANIMAL therapy: Animals are great healers. Whether its a simple chicken or a dog or goat… animals

receive love without questioning its motive. Longterm prisoners have budgies and they often become their

best friends ..animals help the loneliness of the lost loved ones…the gap that is unfilled.

12. MEDITATION therapy: Any form of listening or meditation is good. It helps one to concentrate and

try to sort out the chaos of the thought world. It is a proven method of stilling the mind which is often the

worst enemy in a trauma situation.


6. What personal attributes should I have to help trauma victims?

Responsibility is essentially the ability to respond. Our credo is simple: Understand humanity-


understand suffering and you understand yourself…. without knowing what is suffering you cant really

understand the true meaning of life… which is love…and your oneness within the one! Your PURPOSE!

Every volunteer should have somewhere in his /her DNA:

1. Patience

2.The ability to communicate

3.Affinity with those he/she is dealing with.

4.Willingness to do the job.

5.Fearlessness for the truth.

6. Reliability and ethics within their own personal life and towards those they are helping.( be someone of

your word)

7.Unconditional love without personal motive.


9. Mindfulness.( Be aware of your speech and your walk)

10.Peacefulness ( never hurry but keep your peace and guard your heart)

11. Most important… REALNESS!!!

12. Perceptiveness for ones environment.


7. Why are you doing it?

This is an important question and whilst many will vary in their motives I believe that somewhere in that

agenda should be the following points:

1. Because I want to share your pain so I can share in your joy.

2. Because it is what I can do…am designed to do… and what I want to do!-I DESIRE IT!

3.Because I see a need and I want to fulfil it.(Lateral thinking. Dr. Edward de Bono.)

4. Because I love God, myself and humanity.

5. BECAUSE I CAN!!!- ( simples)

THUS personal motives aside… the head and the heart are symbiotic- one cannot operate without the

other. One thinks…One feels. So is trauma therapy. Our aim and that of the outcome of the therapy is to

become ONE WITH YOURSELF!…As we heal- so we are healed!

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