The Politics of Collective Relativity

If Britain committed crimes against humanity in India…which they did. In Africa and in the Middle East..which they did….if America committed crimes against humanity against the indigenous  peoples of America which they did…ditto spain..ditto Portugal…ditto Rome…should we at this point in time ask for reparations  from China ? …for corona …or should we just say SORRY..  and call it a day? What’s different now ?

What Britain did to enrich itself in the 19th century and america in the 20th is what china is doing in the 21st century. Is it not ?

If we acknowledge the past and admit our wrongs … TRUTHFULLY….can we learn to forgive each other and move on.  Reconcile…

 What is the way forward ? What do you think ?  War is created from conflict  Harm. Disagreement.  Is truth more important than punishment? If it isnt …we would all be stuck and never be able to heal. Or is there a line that has to be drawn ? 

Can humanity indeed confess its sins to each other and build a better world .. a more just and peaceful society of mutual respect and understanding…?- or is there some evils that are more higher than others? 

If we compare the worst excesses of chairman Mao…of Stalin…of Roosevelt.of Churchill…of Hitler…of Emperor Hirohito…  Who then is the more guilty one? 

Is it the loser ?- Or the millions upon millions those few bloodthirsty men murdered in war; and through colonisation and domestic policies? …truth is they are ALL guilty of crimes against humanity.ALL!

Our TRUE heroes are the ones that resisted fascism through random acts of kindness and compassion. EMPATHY. 

As impossible as it seemed at the time. That never lost that SPARK of humanity..  whether it was in the killing fields of Cambodia or the jungles of the Congo.. the ovens of auschwitz or the battlefields of men. They kept the flame alive in their hearts. 

When a true history of the world is written do we say …all is forgiven…or do we exact judgement…reparations and consequences on countries that do not abide in this century to our common standard of human dignity?

Where do we draw the line ? Are the winners correct because they won… or because GOD was on their side ? Or because they were lucky ?

If we look at the consequences of our common actions …over centuries…the absolute misery caused… is it not then the duty of the wealthy and the powerful to uplift the poor oppressed and destitute masses. Is it their fault they were born into a world run by a dictator or an authoritarian government.

–  I dont speak alone of China. Because China is on the menu today. No. I speak of us all. 

I speak also of africa…India and the developing world. Is it not then our COMMON  responsibility to abolish poverty?

Abolish want. Abolish curable diseases.  Abolish injustice . Abolish currency controls  and abolish governments that do not care about the welfare of their people ? 

If we cannot work together for world peace as human beings…  THEN we will have perpetual war. 

That can change.  Let’s lay it all down. All of it. And then let’s work for a more just and fair world for all. 

That was the vision of Jan Smuts who wrote the preamble to the United Nations charter. To work for civilisation. HUMAN civilisation. 

That’s the kind of world I wish my children to live in.

And that’s why I believe we need to create a world council of statesmen and women who can address the present ,by redressing the wrongs of the past. 

A world council for peace and for justice. 

It is then… and only then that we can truly embrace our future. Together. 

I thank you 

Paul Denton

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