An Introduction to Symbiotic Capitalism & "Co-operativism" 

The New Way… 

Symbiosis(Collins): 1." a close association of two animal or plant species that are dependent on one
another.2.a similar relationship between interdependent persons or groups…a " living together"-( I
prefer the latter defintion. ) 

Travelling as I've done for over 30 years and seeing many kinds of economic systems in play… I've
come up with what I believe is a theory for how we as human beings need to survive in this new age
of enlightenment… it is the " rainbow" Way of trading and encourages and motivates but does not
"monopilate" smaller fish… it works with all the fish to empower the whole… I hope that the Occupy
movement will endorse this as their
When will true justice come to the Earth?
Justice as we see it today is imperfect punishing the innocent.. and very rarely achieving its goal.
alternative to the irresponsible capitalism that has affected so many lives by the casino banking of the
recent years- that have led to the austerity measures and the current dire state of affairs in Europe
and elsewhere around the world. 

Something MUST be done and the first step in the rainbow rEvolution is to propose a new economic
system… this is it. SYMBIOSIS!… 

"Co-operativism" or symbosis is the new ideology for a new millennium. But for the purposes of this
thesis Im going to label it " SYMBIOSIS"… it supplants Globalism and irresponsible capitalism with a
different philosophy for doing business and living in today’s fast changing digital age and economy. 

"Co-opism "or co-operativism is essentially symbiotic capitalism. It is organic and holistic-But what is

Symbiosis is where two or more organisms living separately; operate to both their mutual advantage
by co-operation…by consent. 

Symbiotic Capitalism ( SC) / Symbiosis is by definition …ethical- morally responsible and fair. 

It is the new way for a new millennium. It is the way of the future… 

SC does not seek
We thrive on the propagation of fear
to dominate or exterminate or to control the other party -or to overly exploit the consumer ; but seeks
to live symbiotically with all…of the cosmos…of the creation…Symbiotic capitalism seeks to sell
products to a market place that actually needs them- the need being determined by ethics, and those
products by their consumption and production do not harm the end user- but empowers them. It
analyses the process of manufacture, consumption and wastage. 

One could look at the Nature- the environment and take many examples of how this perfect system
works every day in another reality… all the time – everywhere. 

Take the pilot fish that swim with the tiger shark… the fish not only feeds off the scraps eaten by the
shark- but it actually maintains the teeth of its symbiotic host. In the wild birds do the same to cattle
and wildebeest when they pick ticks from the hide of their host… spiders do it with flies… maintaining
the numbers… dung beetles roll dung from wastage/faeces- ants recycle waste as do earthworms…its
all symbiosis…earthworms turn the soil aerating and fertilising it…providing a necessary function to
the whole… bees pollinate flowers when they
When will we be more than another brick in the wall?
gather the nectar… there are countless examples all around us if we but open our eyes to the reality
of what already is the perfect system created by God… 

Its all symbiotic. 

The moral imperative today is to create a NEW way to handle the many challenges in the world we
live in- a world of poverty and poverty mentality- lack of education- famine- hunger- WAR-natural
disasters and market manipulation by greedy capitalists etc…to recognise what the natural world uses
to benefit itself and to see the best system to provide the best solution for this brave NEW world of
this millennium. 

Thus to implement symbiosis IS the goal that humanity should seek to achieve in this new age of
globalism. It cannot work until humanity recognises its symbiotic relationship – its " Tao- with each
other and ALL of the cosmos. 

The point of going past our current survivalism and the dog-eat dog mentality that has pervaded our
last century and before throughout human history-this is our challenge- our vision- OUR DREAM! 

By looking at the BEST in human nature- capitalism and FREE enterprise
The age of enlightenment is dawning upon us…
can work. The elitist capitalists that have run the world for centuries have NOW to stand aside and let
the people take the reins of this responsibility. It is because of the record of oppression that the
establishment have throughout the ages that they can no longer be trusted and an alternative way –
symbiosis – has to be implemented. It is the way of the future. 

And it is just a matter of time before the critical mass of AWARENESS and popular consciousness
comes of age. And This is happening through the rapid exchange of information today- this is the new
realisation that is to come upon humanity-it is not IF but WHEN- We need to learn to live in
ABUNDANCE by CREATING a NEW IDEOLOGY that is not based on exploitative reasoning and
rationale and greed… but a mindset of SERVICE and WEALTH CREATION for ALL!- 

Not a poverty mindset- but a PROSPERITY MINDSET- this should be our legacy for the NEXT
GENERATION…. it is up to ALL of us to take the steps necessary to enable this to happen. 

The way forward: 

The first step
when will there be no prisons?
is to realise the current system is MORALLY BANKRUPT and ANARCHIC in its delivery –
SOMETHING MUST CHANGE… and to realise this is the FIRST step towards change…the next step
is SELF REALISING the Evolution of thought towards an alternative future…thus with every new form
of fascism that hinders change…must come a resistance to the status quo. If enough people said
" no" and refuse to acquiesce to the control fascism of the global elite -( and through their organs of
mind control-the media-the schools-the culture etc)… we would have that change!- But change
requires the fire and the wind- the oxygen and the consumption of the old before the new can be
reborn in the seeds of tommorow.Something must go…something must be burned. Something must

But sometimes meltdown -chaos or collapse is ultimately necessary to clear the table for a new era of
human development- this is the only worthwhile fruit of war and economic crash worth eating…and
perhaps the only hope that humanity learns from…and this in order to improve international relations
and justice for all. 

However, internationalism always begins on a local level with trade and forums of discourse and
the path to glory is through love
In tribal communities this has existed ever since territorial imperatives were defined by conflicts and
the resultant resolutions following these disagreements… 

In the beginning it was motivated by the need for food- grazing- land- and survival of the community
or tribe. Then as lands became identified with the people living on it and nomadic peoples evolved
into becoming pastoral- trade and the greater community developed ( eventually becoming the nation
state)- through the caravanserai and caravan and hence some of the early trade routes assisted in
creating trading stations and thence small towns and villages- which then developed into trading
centres and full blown cities of many different kinds of peoples intermingling… and this model still
exists and continues to drive us into a frenetic desire to conduct business in a more efficient manner
resulting in the megapoli of the current age… 

Later these villages and city states amalgamated into the nation state where a sense of equilibrium
was achieved. The 21st century is now about the crossing over from the concept of the nation state

and nationalism into the concept or idea or consciousness of the global state and hence globalism…
as the
and the dream of those you love.
dictum " think global – act local " became and is becoming a greater truth. The time of the dictator is
going and the time of the empowerment of the people is approaching… and thus we have become –
whether by chance or evolution-or design…a new rainbow people in a new age of post – nationalism. 

Indeed, George Bush Senior crossed the Rubicon of our collective fears by coining the phrase in
1991 " the new world order" after the invasion of Iraq.- Gordon Brown – the British prime minister
continued in this vein in 2008 shortly after the financial collapse by saying: " it is time now for a new "
global economic world order"!- Barack Obama has continued on this elitist theme by reinforcing the
concept of the dawning of a new age in politics ( and human understanding)- yet one has to look at
the agendas of the imperialist world leaders by this proclamation and question whether it is pushing
us into another kind of hegemonic fascism. Another abyss… 

It is nothing new. 

Ever since the days of Babelon in ancient Persia and the enlightenment of Greece…the Roman
to live in symbiosis the old with the new
Empire and the advent of colonialism by the British and European powers; the people who have
wielded the power – the global elite – have spouted out the same rhetoric…in fact Augustus Caesar
called it " pax romana" ( Roman peace)- Alexander the Great of Macedonia through his narcistical
vision visualised the exact same kind of New world order where people all would trade with each
other – only the language of the day has changed- from Pharsi to Greek- to Roman- to French-
German- Latin -Russian-and finally English…but perhaps in future it may be Mandarin…or perhaps
another language still to be defined. Napoleon- Hitler- Bismarck- Charlemagne- The Pope- Frederick
the Great- Queen Victoria- Roosevelt-Truman-Smuts-Stalin… all have had these grand visions of a
new world order. A global state. 

Modern Europe has gleaned much of its present thinking and its laws- measurements – roads-
through all that has happened in the past through wars – conquest- empire building – science and
trade. Indeed , I've visited some of the roman ruins along the coast in Turkey in Olympus and Side
and I've been amazed at how strong the mortar the Romans used to build their aqueducts- buildings
love is the answer
and temples… for them… things were built to last forever… even the some of the Roman roads exist
today – 2000 years later…intact and useable… amazing! Try getting a mortar in your local hardware
shop that will last 2000 years! 

Napoleon and Hitler picked up on the universal theme when they came into power and had their
moment in the sun… so did Trotsky and Lenin with their visions of a " United States of Europe " -even
Winston Churchill the arch colonist Imperialist and warmonger saw the merits of the new world order.
In fact it is a strange truth that as each power comes to the fore… world peace has been declared only
for these very powers to declare world war not too long afterwards…no one is untainted from this
history. All are guilty of it. The thirst for blood. WAR! 

Each new empire has always used its seat of responsibility and power to proclaim its particular
ideology in the name of civilisation- Culture- God – or Ethics to say this is the new enlightened human
understanding and then to brainwash the people to believe it- even to shed blood for it… I

i have a dream!
call this way of thinking : " We are the best and bugger the rest!" 

And its the same line that has gone on throughout the ages until now- today… a repeating theme of
animal farm all over again. We have seen it in the histories of the great cities- Babylon-Carthage-
Memphis- Rome – Athena- Londonium- Jerusalem- Paris- Berlin- Moscow-Washington- Tokyo- Beijing

Is this the way forward? I don’t think so. 

The Michelin advert says: " Power is nothing without control!- " And Napoleon once said" I rule
through the fear I inspire!"… and fear in some or another form has dominated human progress
throughout the ages. " People must be ruled !"- The monarchists and royalists would say- for there to
be "order out of chaos"… ( and to a degree they are correct – until now)… why? because they don’t
know how to rule themselves( sic)… they would recede into the dark ages without rulership – fascism
and absolute control… "without us" … there would be total anarchy! 
what dreams …what world shall we live in?
-And this fascism has been upheld throughout time by the rod… thus it is this fear that drives man to
obey every dictum of government- even when it goes against all reason and universal law. 

Therefore, it is this dogma that every ideology since time and society began have used… we see it in
feudalism with the Norman British William the Conquerors Doomsday book -…( it was a " legal"way of
disempowering the Saxons – the English from their land… and still it exists to this day…! ) 

It has existed also in other nations with imperialism – theocracies ( like in Tibet & the Vatican and
Tehran)- Autocracies ( Like in Zimbabwe or Equatorial Guinea ,North Korea and Bashirs Sudan)-
Fascism ( like in Mussolini's Italy and Hitlers' Germany)- Communism ( like in Mao's China and
Stalins' Russia and Capitalism ( like in Obama's America)… Socialism ( like in Tony Blairs' Britain)-
Nepotism ( like The New South Africa) -its all the same… make the people afraid – whether it is by fear
of the state or fear of poverty- or fear of isolation…death or torture or incarceration- it’s the use of fear
that enables fascist governments to govern effectively- FEAR! 

Fear of imprisonment- poverty- homelessness- illness- death- separation-rejection- age-etc…we are
even afraid of what people might think- peer pressures… afraid if we go against the flow… but only
dead fish go with the flow!… we are afraid of anything UNKNOWN! According to torture experts the
worst kind of human torture is the fear of the unknown…(what might happen)-people like to know
things despite life being a balance between random chaos and order- it is ingrained into our psyches
to be governed because we want to know that someone is in charge of the tribe- the nation -the
world… unfortunately this craving to know opens up the way for a global elite to control the masses
through this fear of the unknown. And as a result the people are disempowered and become not
people anymore but "sheeple!"They stop questioning, stop taking any kind of responsibility for
injustices right in front of their eyes… they become a people led…blindly led without thinking or
rationale or reasoning of what is right and wrong… 

The first thing to disappear in a dictatorship of any kind is the collective conscience of the
scrawlings on the pillars

True peace comes though the absence of fear… SECURITY!- and that only God can give… 

Internationally waged wars have always eventually led – if we look at history- to a greater international
understanding of what peace really is. ( But we still seem to be taking a bloody long time to figure it all

it was the League of Nations envisioned by people like General Jan Smuts-a lawyer, soldier and
prime minister of South Africa after the Great War which was the precursor to the United Nations after
the Second World War- 

With the fall of imperialism or colonialism as it is sometimes known- although some reckon
imperialism still exists in a different form- the move of the people was always towards self
determination… and the nation state… Many nations who have been colonised wanted to form an
alliance of ALTERNATIVE ENTITIES as was seen in the communist bloc with the broader soviet. We
have also seen the emergence in recent times of other blocs of influence… the commonwealth- a club
of former colonies helping each other out… ( but actually a way of maintaining influence
prejudice and hate seem to abound – but we are not alone
-keeping the finger in the pie!) 

Then it was the non-aligned movement and now its BRICS ( Brazil-Russia-India-China and South
Africa)…this to act as a counter balance to the Anglo- American and European Union power blocs. It
has always been throughout time a dichotomy of two powers balancing each other out… who knows
why?- but perhaps we humans need it in order not to become what George Bush & CO. Want us to
become …a new world hegemony. 

Thus in 1948 this emergence of the nation state and as Macmillan once said…" the winds of change"
began in earnest with the independence of India – then Pakistan … 

The tribe had come of age. And this entity wanted its own place in the sun… its own equanimity of self
realisation…secure in what it knows… ie its frontiers…its borders… and we saw it with the sudden
creation of both India and Israel- both former colonies of Great Britain. Then we saw another rush of
African states being born in the 60s- Kenya- Tanzania- Ghana etc and then when the communist bloc
fell- again… in 1989- 1999 a rush of new states being born… the day of the strong man seemed to be
over and we entered the new millennium with a hopefulness that things were finally coming right. 

And these new nations- Croatia- Serbia- Macedonia- Namibia-South Africa-Kazachstan-Ukraine-

Uzbekistan etc took their places amongst the community of nations- the most recent being South
Sudan which had been embroiled in a 50 year old civil war with the north. 

But this new wave of nations from 2011 is a new thing and the result of the Arab Spring…a sudden
rise of consciousness helped along by the empowerment of the internet … but we are still not rid of
the dictator…and democracy – even in modern countries like Britain is still an illusion… but it is the
nation state that has come of age… and as we enter into the next decade…we now enter into the
global state… but this will take a great acceleration of consciousness to achieve the level of realisation
that we are all one people on planet earth with the responsibility to share our resources and ensure
everyone is equal and equally protected by human rights and universal law. This in itself is a great
leap… but it is a leap that is vital for the survival of the human species. 

But as someone famous once said: " there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has
come!"…and this idea is simply… " Symbiosis". 

Some nations made this difficult transition peacefully like in the " Velvet Revolution" with victor Havel
the poet made prime minister and the split of the old Czechoslovakia into two nation states. Others
were brought kicking and screaming into this new world as was seen in the breakup of the old
Yugoslavia. And with these new births a new ideology emerged. 

Today there remains around 30-40 existing conflicts still to be resolved- many of these are pure
political as seen with North and South Korea and the Saharawi people of the old Spanish Sahara-
some are religious- or ideological as is seen with the Tibet question and still others are economic- or a
combination of all such as North and South Ireland and North and South Cyprus. The challenge over
the next 8 years until 2020 is to resolve these outstanding conflicts and to declare once and for all the
age of post nationalism. The Age of the Global state! 

But there are still many challenges to overcome- the least of which is the competition for natural
resources and the dependency of the developed world on fossil fuels and non- renewables. 

China to this end is securing its future by stockpiling mineral resources and exporting its peoples to
sell its manufactured products. And in the developing world they have made considerable headway in
building relationships with countries that do not like what is on offer by America – Britain and the
European imperialists. The rapid rise of China now begs the question… how can the stumbling blocks
to world peace be removed…? 

But it is not just China… we also have an ideological struggle between two civilisations- that of Islam
and that of the Secularism. This is another obstacle to a lasting global peace. And this is in a nutshell
the current political situation that faces us… 

-but the greatest challenge of all right now that we as a human race face is not in the pursuit of
international justice or the reduction of carbon emissions( although both are important)- it is not even
overpopulation and pollution of the environment – it is in getting the financial system right…how to

breach the gulf between the richer and the poorer nations and the people living in poverty and the
morass of disempowerment it entails. 

We need therefore… a financial revolution as well. This is the way forward! 

How to fix the Global Economy? 

So we need a financial revolution. But whilst doing so we need to maintain the evolution of the human
consciousness whilst retaining some sort of territorial integrity and economic stability. 

We have already seen regional or “orbital" powers with greater influence emerging throughout the
developing world – Brazil has already overtaken the UK as the 6 th largest economy in the world and
is the engine of South Americas economy. So much so that they've been awarded both the World
football cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2018. China and India have enjoyed since 1989 an average
growth of 6% per annum. Whilst the developed countries are sitting on a slow growth rate of only 1-
2% per annum. 

In Africa we've seen Nigeria and South Africa steam ahead of other African nations despite problems
of nepotism and corruption. In South East Asia Malaysia and Indonesia are also running ahead of the
rest of the developed world…as is the UAE in the Middle East…and Poland and Russia in Eastern
Europe. The biggest nations to suffer this sudden growth are consumerists countries like Britain,
France and America. Embroiled in costly wars with Iraq and Afghanistan they have squandered their
wealth on war…and as a result they are now paying the price of this waste. 

And so as new economies and regional powers emerge in continents and areas within their own
orbit…those currencies are beginning to supplant the traditional dollar with their own legal tender…the
Rouble… the Real…the Rand…the Yuan…the Rupee…the Swiss Franc- the Yen-but to stabilise new
economies as well as old ones – something it appears needs to happen- and as is historically shown it
usually means there will be a major war or a major meltdown… ( 2008 was just a market correction-
albeit a stern one) 

But the new war should be one for economic stability; as the Euro was a post national regional
currency- and a new kind of economic experiment ( the European Union)- HOWEVER, as we have
seen in recent times – some nation states are better run fiscally than others… and they make more
money- and- are more productive… eg Germany vs. Greece and Italy…So what is the solution? Will
the Euro become a failed experiment or an experiment that leads to a new kind of currency or
economic order? For now it is the pound sterling and the Swiss franc that remain orbital currencies to
the Euro. 

I believe the Euro will eventually be supplanted with a new global currency- it is an inevitability. The
experiment is destined for failure in the long-term- why because it profits some and not others. Iran
seems to have a lot of confidence in the Euros future because it pegs its oil prices to the Euro. We
shall see…no one has a crystal ball… but I don’t believe the Euro will last more than 20 years.
Certainly when the world currency comes in the Euro will eventually go. Also if the current economic

stasis continues- there may be a diminishing of the Euros strength on the international market place…
resulting in big losses for European banks.= particularly the Deutsche Bunds Bank. 

To save the Western economies and indeed those dependent on it; a new global economy needs to
be created… and a new currency needs to come into being as trade agreements, territorial disputes,
environmental targets for carbon emissions and other environmental issues, legal aspects, judicial
and jurisdictional issues, money laundering, political, social , health and population problems-
terrorism… etc… but to do this all properly the new economy must be one that is iron clad from the
bottom – UP!..not the TOP- down… 

For free trade to empower the 7 billion consumers on the planet; a new financial system needs to
come into being. A system that is righteous for all and good for all. Symbiotic. 

We are coming to a point in history whereby the dominant powers on Earth ie America and Britain will
and must work with regional or orbital powers such as Russia – China – India – Africa – Europe and
South America to stabilise the worlds financial systems and currencies. The World Bank and the IMF
who are both historically rooted in the West and particularly The United States of America- will all
have to become decentralised to produce the right confidence to create a new global economy and

Governments of the G20 and others in the United Nations will eventually have to sign a protocol or
accord on global financial security and stability…and peg their weakening or fragile national
currencies to a stronger – more stable international global world currency…but this is not going to
happen voluntarily – especially when the global elite already control the banks and the prices of raw
resources eg gold, diamonds, platinum, oil,coltan, etc. 

In the case of Zimbabwe the currency became worthless and was eventually replaced by a stronger
currency ie the American dollar. This dollarization of the nation state has actually brought economic
stability to a currency that was trading in trillions! 

Not only the dollar- but the regional currencies of the pula and the rand are used as secondary and
tertiary currencies proving the case for orbital currencies. How it happened was simple. 8 million
people were sending their salaries home in hard currency and this was traded against a weak
currency ( the zim dollar)- eventually when hyperinflation killed the zim dollar- the hard currency – as a
vote of confidence took over…it was a peoples revolution from the bottom – up! A USER BASED

National pride and sovereignty was replaced by financial stability- and preferred! 

The South African Rand is perceived as the most powerful orbital currency and the American Dollar is
perceived as the strongest International currency. 

In Europe similar phenomenons occurred when the " ECU" ( European Currency Unit)-was perceived
as an alternative for growth and financial stability…then the European Currency became…" the Euro"-
finally making its mark in the year 2000. 

But this regional currency has shown its weakness because of the lack of fiscal disciplines in some
member states and uniformity – which America has… and both population blocs are around the same
amounts of people and states. ( 250 – 300 million and 50 states/countries); 

We could also mention other factors in the equation such as hard work, fiscal discipline, competition,
governance, cultures etc Some nations have greatly profited from the Euro experiment whilst others
have been brought to their knees- but the fact remains… it was the politicians and the bankers that got
Europe in the mess that its in…they have both been riding the gravy train for too long…and in the end
…its the people who have to pay the price for a bad idea… or an idea whose time was premature. Or
was a stepping stone to something greater… 

In the case of the Euro ; the unevenness in nation states- especially between North and South and
East and West has meant that some countries like Germany have had to carry the can for other
countries like Greece and Portugal… the fact is if a country is badly governed by its politicians
doesn't matter how much money you throw at it… it will fail.- and pull you down with it… Africa is a
prime example… one could throw all the money in the world at the problem and it wouldn’t change a
thing… bad governance creates bad economies…full stop! 

Also every country within the EU have a different way of managing their budget …and every country
produces their own wealth… what I found really stupid when I was working on an apple farm in
Greece was that every apple had to be a certain colour and a certain size to qualify to be exported to
the rest of the EU… if it didn’t – it was dumped!… and the weird thing about this whole process was
that the farmers would be subsidised to waste this food! It didn’t matter how the apples tasted …it just
mattered how they looked… and this homogenisation of agricultural products produced mountains of

All subsidised by the tax payer in the richer nations. It was a"Macdonaldisation" of economies that has
been partly at fault for the current economic crisis in Europe… 

Its not what the market wants… or needs …but is told that it wants…! 

This standardisation has cost billions and not all of it has been well spent. But it is impossible to
standardise everything… and it shouldn’t be so… micro economies should be able to grow apples as
big or as small as they want to… it’s up to the market to decide on the quality of their product. 

Furthermore, this rampant subsidisation has created a false economy that protects itself from any
competition from developing countries…a symbiotic economy should totally OPEN its borders to
products that are what the market prefers… of course there are always health and safety standards –
but that doesn't need to stop competition… but even this is NOT the main issue here… it’s all relating
to the different currencies and the manipulation of prices by stockbrokers that create bubbles and

eventually stock market crashes-a few people sitting on their asses in London and New York should
not determine how the rest of us should live! No way… 

Their day must come -So to fix the global economy we will need a new global currency. 

One World, One Earth, One “Orbit”? 

"The Earth is an integrated satellite spinning on its axis in one direction around the sun…isn’t it time
we recognised that?- Can the toe say it doesn’t need the foot or the leg?" 

So if we are on the threshold of a global currency or " ICU"( International Currency Unit)…it must
come from the grassroots level…from the people… it cannot be legislated into being- it has to come
about through market forces and market forces alone…from a deep desire to have stability-
confidence and security in the global economy…and if one is to look at the most stable currency in the
last 2000 years- in fact in the last 200 years… one need look no further than the glittering of gold…
smelted down… the KRUGER RAND! 

… but in the 21st century something new has to come into being that will create the same kind of
feeling of confidence that gold creates… so one could say that the quest for a world currency is the"
holy grail "of our human evolution- this currency could be called many things… but for the sake of
argument I've decided to call it the " UNO" ( The United Nations Orbit)- the " Orbit"- or " Orb " for
short…and if we were to return to the gold standard since gold is the most stable currency of all- we
would have to mine a lot of gold to make it a tradeable alternative to paper… we certainly couldn't
trade in large amounts by transferring our reserves all the time… 

In a global economy that generates trillions of dollars per annum we have to create a currency that is
electronic and backed by gold reserves…not a fake economy guaranteed by promissory notes. And
this currency must have the confidence of the people of the world. 

The 2008 global crash proved ONE thing – that banks and bankers cannot be trusted with our money.
Nor does it help if the banks are nationalised- greed finds new ways of corrupting the way things are
done… it is the free market that should determine value. It cannot be otherwise. 

Any national currency should be pegged or underwritten by the global " orbit " or UNO…and this new
economic world order should be overseen by a council of elders that maintains the stability of this one
world currency… 

-a kind of economic security council with nation states getting votes according to its economic
strength. The "Orb" could hypothetically underwrite insurance ventures that cross national
boundaries- loans for grand projects that involve many nations such as the transatlantic tunnel or the
mission to mars…or a moon station… or failing economies as they are weaned off their failed

And with the advent of this epoch of economic stabilisation will come the will power to make an
implement difficult decisions which affect the entire world… eg law, human rights, the environment,
trade deficits…taxes etc. 

Massive speculative and opportunistic profits made by unscrupulous traders on the Casino banking
superhighways will be a thing of the past…accountable , ethical banking will be open to all…a true
world bank owned by the people… and the greatest beneficiaries of this new economy will be the
people of the world. With the internet and new technologies this global currency can be available to all
and is not subject to the whims of controlling governments and their “paranoias” – but is a currency
that is tradable- anywhere… at any time! 

The evolving of the human experience in this new age or era of enlightenment, illumination and global
awareness will have a profound impact on global politics and environmental issues… issues that have
been unresolved because some nations refuse to take part in them… carbon emissions, oxygen
taxes, climate change, fishing quotas, transport routes, trading rights, new technologies…and of
course international law, justice and human rights… and as we enter this economic bonanza of
opportunity …the standards of living… justice… law and peace will increase ..For all!…for generations
to come! 

It is time to stop poisoning ourselves with wrong thinking… chemicals…and bad policies… it is time to
transcend the idea of you as part of a corner of Earth separate from the other corners… it is time to
take the power and the responsibility in our own hands… this is the true rainbow revolution of
humanity..this is how we will heal this broken – sick and dying planet…we must all do our part to
spread this awareness until it becomes a truth and the wave of this truth will wash over all the
negativity and ignorance that has enslaved this planet for so long…the time has come to drink from
the well of purity and health…truth and justice..Freedom and peace…love and light… it can be done if
we but have the courage to believe it- and the vision to enable it…and the energy to release it… ! 

we are after all living in one world… one earth… and travelling around the sun in one orbit. In complete
symbiosis- harmony and co-operation with the entire cosmos… it is only man that has failed to sign
the social contract with the other living beings on Earth and desires instead to go his own way… and
this is the evil and the poison of the present capitalist system… Karl Marx tried to envision a worker
led state… but human nature turned it into a failed system – because communism failed to recognise
the creativity in man… the desire to excel and use ones God given gifts to benefit humanity… and be
rewarded for it…!… we are not animals but we can learn from them… and by doing so … save
ourselves from the abyss we are currently staring down… 

-this in essence is what symbiotic capitalism or symbiosis represents… a new way for a new age of
human history. It is working with nature to benefit humanity- using it not abusing it… It is not poisoning
our food -our water-our air- our land…but healing it and sustaining it so it can sustain us…this is the
big difference between the de rigueur (required by etiquette/strictly so) status quo and what is the way
of the future. The 21st century way! 


1. Humankind must adopt a new way of doing business, a way that is practical and doesn't harm the
Earth and each other. 

2. A new global electronic currency needs to come into being to run parallel to existing currencies and
be a currency of choice and stability to prevent further market collapses. 

3. We need to go beyond our present understanding of the nation state and move into a new
understanding of the global or human state. This is not only ethical but vital to the continued existence
of the human species and life on Earth. We must put an end to war or war will put an end to us. It is
time to transcend from Homo sapiens to “Homo Illumes! “

4. The key to usurping the currencies that bind us is by the people themselves USING the orbit as the
preferred currency… this is a USER revolution… A REVOLUTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. By
understanding the power of the one within the one…of taking individual responsibility for your own
environment and not acceding to what is expected of you…you have not only liberated yourself..but
you have liberated 100 others!- perhaps even thousands! 

5. We need to see ourselves first as CITIZENS OF THE WORLD and we need to start evolving our
languages to speak one language… " EARTH"… the language of the heart…so hear it! And we need
to engage with our leaders and bring them to book. Make them accountable. And that goes for all
public servants. When people ask you where are you from… you say… " The Planet Earth"- its the
third rock from the sun… one day we will travel to other planets and that is what we will tell the beings
we meet. It may happen a 100 or a 1000 years from now…but it will happen…already those who are
enlightened enough can communicate and receive information from higher evolved beings in other
parts of the universe…it is this information that will assist us in our future survival…and our evolution
of the human mind. 

The evolution of the international order of peace and understanding is a vision that dispels fear and
ignorance with light , courage and hope…illumination, joy, faith and empowerment… where everyone
has the right to life and to live no matter where and no matter who… this rainbow revolution is in itself
an act of affirmation and confidence ( in the future)…that despite all our differences and our
weaknesses… we can indeed live together- each as brothers and sisters of one human family…one
human race… we can be One as one within the One… we can indeed develop a noble , altruistic
concept of Utopia( a perfect world), human solidarity and a 1000 year peace on Earth and goodwill to
all living things. 

It is NOT an illusion but the culmination of a long held dream held within the hearts of all men… to
create a stable global economic world order out of the chaos we have experienced for so long… and
to begin this journey towards the realisation of this vision…we need to look how we trade…how we do
business…how we co-operate with each other! 

When we give credence to the indomitable (impossible to defeat) strength of the human spirit …we
can learn from one another…as humans how to survive together by sharing our knowledge –
understanding …and power. But most of all…our trust! 

And this is a pilgrimage we are on. A pilgrimage of trust! 

To live in abundance we have to learn how to trust one another… and what better way to reach this
state of equanimity than through … a global currency… but this is not what this about… this is about
learning what is symbiosis in business. How to make it work. 

It is this vision that will take humanity forwards until one day when fear is abolished between humans
and society and there are no barriers or borders anymore…and no prisons need to be built to isolate
the dangerous because no rejection will exist anymore… there will be enough for everyone and the
state will be the people… the individual. We are not separate from one another but part of one great
ubuntu…one great human community. 

It is this human condition that we need to rehabilitate! 
ALL of this can be achieved in the next 50 years. It just requires a focussed acceleration of our
consciousness and liberation from mind control. There is so much to UNLEARN so that we can
LEARN what is right, true and good! 

-We must all be deprogrammed from our fears and false concepts. 
BREAK DOWN THE INVISIBLE WALLS WITHIN! The matrix of programming…the fear! -we need to
LOSE the FEAR…and be encouraged that how you , I …we feel… is NOT different from one another…
Every thought comes from the heart and its desire… it is articulated into words and processed by the
imagination…and finally when it is acted upon… we have history! So make poverty history by making
prosperity a reality! NOW!…act on your hearts truth! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR! 
To share this vision of symbiosis with all of creation is one step for world peace and one giant leap for
all humanity….This is the challenge we face today…through what we can do we can liberate others…
millions of impoverished peoples around the world…by creating horizons to introduce wealth
creation..and new economies… for example… world wide wifi…. all of this would give numerous
possibilities for education online in the developing world… people who have no access to quality
information and have to walk for miles to substandard schools… 

Free access to healthcare- EMERGENCY operations through international medicare…and this is
where the ego of the nationalist needs to be crucified… the days of DNA and the mirror on the wall
saying " I am an Englishman!"- or " You are a Frenchman"- therefore I will not share my wealth or
knowledge with you- are over! 

We therefore need to create a new order of economics…and the dynamics of the change to happen…
big capital investments can be underwritten by the orbit of influence that can indeed export trust into a
global pool of resources shared by all. With things as they currently are this is not so…and there is
always the thought in the back of the mind… what’s in it for me…greed and selfishness only leads to
further impoverishment and poverty… disparity …stagnation…and recession…ECONOMIC

-true stability in the global economy must come through acts of courage and fortitude…and action at
the very least!… Bank bailouts are not a sustainable solution to the problems of irresponsible
banking… the entire dynamics of the global politique must change…and for this to happen the global
elite needs to recognise this change…and adapt … or die! 

Not to act in the spirit of trust is a bigger crime..a crime that is the measure of the lack of leadership
and backbone within this elitist club…and the only way to preserve what is -is to let go of what isnt! 

-It is time that banks no longer controlled the global economy but serviced and empowered it. 

And finally, to preserve a lasting economic and world peace… we need to have a lasting economic
stability… education, healthcare, social justice, law, communications, innovations and technologies…
and above all RESPECT for the Integrity of every WORLD CITIZEN of Earth… all of this brings us to
the " nirvana" of International Peace and Human Understanding…and it is this ideology that must
permeate and shine through the darkness of ignorance, selfishness and greed…and above
all WASTE!…for waste is the biggest crime of all…! WASTE! 

This global co-operation will happen when we learn to release the gold that is within each and every
one of us…as we begin to understand that on this planet… there is more than enough for all of us to
survive well!( The planet can easily sustain 18 billion citizens if properly managed) 

We can and we must strive to live in symbiosis with one another and all beings… this in essence is
the thrust of the Rainbow rEvolution and the direction we , as global stewards of this Earth must
walk in… and as Mao (or someone else) once said… 

" A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one small step!"… Enjoy the journey. We are already there…
waiting for you to come. But hurry! Time is running out! We need to begin building our islands of light

I thank you.


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