Rainbow Academies of Living Light

Throughout my last 30 years or so of going to rainbow gatherings we have talked so many times about the same things. Over and over. But we have struggled to gain sovereignty over our dreams and visions. And that is because as a movement we have not been mature enough to sustain them. Until now. 
Never before in our history have we faced such incredible challenges. Pandemics. Armageddon. Climate crisis. Economic collapse. Loss of privacy. The patent state. Loss of our freedoms, rights and democracy. Greater political inequality and ideological polarisations. 5G. AI. EarthNow. Starlink. Digital passports. Crypto coin. The list goes on. 
What then is or will our world look like for our children and their children? If we dont do something about it on every level. And it starts with education and teaching our own children how to question and how to learn. In fact… How to think. 
Essentially, this is the vision for the Rainbow Academies of Living Light. (RALL) 
What form will such a school take? 
There are many forms of schooling that have been tried and tested in the last 100 years. We have the normal rote learning by repetition that has a “one size fits all” approach. This separates teacher from parent and parent from student. 
Indeed this form takes on a hard disciplined shape. But there are advantages and disadvantages of this. Sometimes the child doesnt like or doesnt want to learn in this way. Let’s call this 
” NORMAL SCHOOL”-and the majority of us have learned in this manner in the past. 
Then theres the DISCIPLE or “APPRENTICE SCHOOL” method. This is age old and it works for those who also want to learn the subject in question. Students can learn from any age to specialise in a specific subject and devote their whole lives to it. But for early on that’s not advisable. 
Then we had the Montisorri and Waldorf movement.  Nowadays rich kids go there and it obviously discriminates. 
These are also part of the “ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL ” or alt and SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLING institutions. Again there is little difference with normal schooling. It just costs a less to go to them.
 Then theres “FREESCHOOLING “which is not defined at all. The free school movement is also growing everywhere and is more inclusive. 
Finally  ,you have” HOMESCHOOLING” and “UNSCHOOLING “and “OMNISCHOOLING. ” Homeschooling is well known. It’s like taking school by correspondence. Same government curriculum…but work is done at home. Or with a few other families. 
The “UNSCHOOLING” is a radical approach pioneered by Summer Hill and is based in the “go to lessons only when you want to” approach and all decisions about what to learn is in the hands of the children. Pretty radical.  
The only problem is that those who want to learn will be influenced by those who don’t  laziness or truancy is the end result.
” OMNISCHOOLING” takes a holistic and universal approach and will take the best practices from all the disciplines and create a universal curriculum consensus on issues of discipline and learning methods. 
UNSCHOOLING is exactly that…
If you dont want to learn anything , you dont have to. 
You can play all day every day. For years. 
However, every child is different. 
Every child has a purpose. A destiny. Our responsibility as rainbow warriors is to take responsibility for how -what and where our rainbow children learn …and WHY they learn it. 
The outcome must be a balanced individual able to think for her or himself. 
It could be also in FIELD SCHOOL…learning how to build something from nothing. Outdoor skills. Or it could be using freeschling techniques. This is an OMNISCHOOL. Its tailored to what is important in our society. Happiness. 
Imagine if such a rainbow academy is run by complete consensus? That parents can actually have a say in their child’s education. Our legacy is to prepare our children for the new world we are going into. We must teach sovereignty and interdependence through our interaction within our communities. This too in a general sense. 
We have so many skills in every field found in the butterfly people. And we can teach each other by listening to each other. Learning to listen and to love one another…
Being at one within the one that is all. 
This is a true rainbow school and “rainbow schooling ” which guarantees maturity and dares to dream with the inner child at the same time!
That learns to play and plays to learn. 
“We are the ones we have been waiting for…but so are our children !”

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