Why West Africa ?

Theres a good explanation of iboga. Its origins etc. Gabon which is south of senegal is where the tree originates. But it can be found all over the west africa region from medicine men who treat addictions with it. Eg heroine abusers./opioids addicts 

 West Africa is a place with a deep and dark history . It was where the slaves were captured and sent off to the americas by the slave traders. It was where slaves returned to africa to create Liberia. It has an old tradition and culture that is ancient…traditions of black magic and voodoo. Weird medicine and strange practices. 

Much of it is still hidden. It’s not a very welcoming place for the white man. Places like nigeria   congo, Sierra Leone all have their conflicts between each other …ultra violence etc …child soldiers …blood diamonds…gold mining and unscrupulous wheeling and dealing… it’s all here..  so when we talk about why the rainbow had never been to west africa..these are some of the reasons why. But it needs our love too. Senegal is open now. Yes I almost forgot…every disease under the sun..  malaria…cholera…ebola…etc ..  I’ve visited nigeria once…our plane was briefly hijacked but I managed to negotiate our release alongside some other passengers and crew. I’ve also bin to Kinshasa the capital.of what was once Zaire. Now the congo.. it’s all chaos…they had a war which lasted 10 years. Killed 4 million. But nobody ever heard about it. Why? Because nobody cares. Even though your cellphones uses minerals from west and central africa. Its wild. It’s crazy. Its Joseph Conrad’s heart of darkness and more..apocalypse now…you name it.. go up the congo river and walk into the forest…and never be seen or heard from again.. cannibals …pygmies..warlords… etc it’s all good stuff of legends. 

 You have to expect anything and everything.. and NOT be surprised.. It is one of the few places on Earth anyone can hide…even disappear …like the wizard of the Nile..Joseph KONY. West Africa is also famous for its progressive people.. people are big bones here  -thats why they were used as slaves. They were strong…big…physically. And for some people that can be intimidating. This masculinity in action or machismo can be difficult for a feminist or feminine thinking world. But generally the people here are very proud of their cultural heritage but they see the European and now the chinese as people who have ripped off the wealth of Africa to benefit themselves. 

 That’s probably why we’ve never been to west africa. And then theres the drumming. The sexual energy of dancing to the jembe drums. 

This is the home of drumming. People I know like Kofi who lives on Amsterdam. From ghana. Drum masters. It’s all here. Senegal has currently a benevolent president who has gifted the rap star AKON with 2000 acres of land near Dakar the capital. They want to make a crypto city. 

Povery and corruption is rife in west africa. So you have to carry cash at all times. And everyone is corrupt. Virtually. But it’s a way of life and not seen as corruption. 

And that’s why many tourists do jor come or tour operators. Bit if you want to travel.overland by caravan…you can do it from Malaga to Dakar in less than a week. It can be done amigos. 

Pethaps for all these reasons…we should go. Push the envelope. One thing is sure ..west africa isnt a picnic in the woods. 

It’s a challenge  

And maybe that’s why it’s a mountain that should be climbed..or attempted. Especially now on thos climate of fear and paranoia… perhaps now it’s a good time to push the envelope a bit. 

Who can say ? If you wanna know more go to FEATHERBOOK at earthoceans.org.

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