What does Biometric mean ? Earth and Man-a new relationship?

1. Biometric is referring to detailed information about someone’s body, such as the patterns of colour in their eyes, that can be used to prove who that person is

2. relating to the analysis of biological data using mathematical and statistical methods

3. the statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena means life and metrics means measurement .

The biometric mind used in the context of the mycellium is the collective human mind or consciousness in relation to understanding how to find a common answer or adaptation required. Perhaps a more common modern understanding of this is the term “ collective unconsciousness “ or a more modern term “ the hive mind” . (Ref. The Theory of the Equilibrium”).

In modern day terminology we look at biometrics to determine the individual characteristics for the purpose of authentication. And this is a very big subject indeed. In the 21st century we are heading towards sophisticated nanotech which will have all your particular identity marks. Things like DNA or genome , iris print, finger prints, facial recognition, voice print, gait or walk , blood type etc.

We can go even further to subatomic levels, brain wave patterns, breathing rates, heart beat etc.

Imagine a quantum computer that is able to know the exact state of mind and health of the entire human race. But not only its general health but like the network of the mycellium able to focus energy and resources, wisdom and knowledge to a specifically targeted area or challenge. And come up with an answer or answers. Almost a global AI mind which is able to analyze all the data and calculate a response or best practice or solution. We are a long way from this but on a human level we have the biometric mind already in play on the internet. Scientific and technological community s already collaborate to formulate new ideas and possible solutions. In a future world we see more democracy not less as every citizen of the world no matter where they live become empowered by plugging into this collective consciousness on an individual, local or glocal level too.

It may seem science fiction now , but by 2030 it will become commonplace.

Imagine if such a biometric mind could diagnose medical issues by knowing all the data form that particular area of the planet.What trace elements there are in the air or water or soil…are they high.. or are they low or aura scans that detect your particular heat signature or mood.

Imagine when we get AI that everything is open source and like the mycellium we can know which parts need feeding or care. Which part doesnt. Imagine that each of us are part of this amazing gigantic puzzle of what is going on around the world. Imagine if this biometric hive mind, this intelligence ,can solve problems ,or issues by offering potential innovative solutions.


When you look at the Earth and the complex calculations that take place simultaneously and the adaptations as a result of that , and you begin to realise we are all biological computers with each of us a particular programming… then you begin to understand we are living in the age of enlightenment. A brave new world that requires responses to be quick. A world that can utilise computations to improve situations. In Africa where to dig a well , or how best to pump it from the ground… what medication can be used to treat covid 19 effectively or what crop options are there in a particular climate or soil type would yield a better crop.

The Hive Mind

A group mind, hive mind, group ego, mind coalescence, or gestalt intelligence in science fiction is a plot device in which multiple minds, or consciousnesses, are linked into a single, collective consciousness or intelligence.

When one ant in a colony encounters a problem they are able to act as a collective quickly and effectively to solve it but each individual isn’t strong enough on its own to build a mound. … A hive mind unlike a group of individuals, would be able to take full advantage of group cohesion.

A collective consciousness, analogous to the behavior of social insects, in which a group of people become aware of their commonality and think and act as a community, sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and resources.

What is the hive mind in the mycellium?

The hive mind is a collective intelligence of individuals working collaboratively to come to a common solution or consensus. The result or outcome of this process is what we call in the rainbow an“ agreed consensus”.

In the mycellium you have a democratic decentralised open source conversation with the intention of solving a problem, or solution a community ,individual or country might have. This can also include a global issue such as a pandemic or climate change.

In future societies the collective knowledge of this hive mind or biometric mind can accelerate humanity and its many challenges including health , medicine ,science and technology. It could also accelerate potential safety or conflict issues.

What is a quantum computer?

If one day this becomes AI then it will become a quantum computer.

Instead of bits, which conventional computers use, a quantum computer uses quantum bits—known as qubits. … So, this means that a computer using qubits can store an enormous amount of information and uses less energy doing so than a classical computer.

Quantum computing could change the world. It could transform medicine, break encryption and revolutionise communications and artificial intelligence. Companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google are racing to build reliable quantum computers. China has invested billions.

Recently, Google claimed that it had achieved quantum supremacy – the first time a quantum computer has outperformed a traditional one,

If you ask a normal computer to figure its way out of a maze, it will try every single branch in turn, ruling them all out individually until it finds the right one. A quantum computer can go down every path of the maze at once. It can hold uncertainty in its head.

And this is where the world is going. But in a way we already have these tools in the mycellium. The internet was created by a group of engineers all over the world. Open source code is all about improving a quotient or outcome.

Imagine the amount of people you have to hire to programme a complex piece of software. Now imagine if all of them are volunteers and anywhere in the world. You immediately have a different motivation for the outcome and you have more man hours. Therefore it is efficient. In fact there are less viruses in an open source software like ubuntu than in a propriety software like microsoft. Its more safe for the user. Thats why rainbow hippies managed to convince the government to use open source. It keeps government accountable too and serves the people. All of Americas flight control systems are open sourced. That decision was made by the advice of our rainbow warriors.

In future we will see this quantum computer mind that has artificial intelligence able to calculate and provide accurate and current data in real time.

Now Lets go a little deeper…

A governance structure that models nature. Seemingly anarchic in its random design… yet united in its goals to eradicate the sicknesses of society. That could be anything. Its a bottom up model that is driven by people power. Not a top down hierarchy that abuses it. Future world will demand it when the technology arrives.

Imagine the ability to eradicate war, disease and crime using a biometric mind that serves anyone and everyone. Equally. Finding solutions to our challenges lies in our participation. To help the world we all need to be a part of the human conversation and its destiny.

We cannot say where AI will go. On the one hand it has incredible potential and benefits to improve all levels of life on Earth…on the other we risk becoming homogeneous , grey and boring. Not having the privacy of our own minds, lives and evolution. Losing personhood and just becoming a number. Losing our freedom to commit a crime in exchange for gaining absolute safety, security and peace.

Thats why we all have a free will and life is colourful as a result. However, when life is on the table or the lives of every species on the planet…the biometric mind can indeed come in useful.

In closing,if this whole construct we are living in is an illusion? What if you and the Earth are simulations or better still biological computers with a programmed algorithm of optimal survival. Would it not be common sense to want to survive using the tool of this hive mind or biometric mind, collective intelligence or conscious unconscious?

And if so how will our relationship between Earth and Man change? Is it a brand new way for a brand new day. Should we live in a world of complete transparency and accountability? Can our rights and freedoms be guaranteed and will we lose sovereignty? Can technology become a tool rather than a sword of our own demise.

This is the pandora of the biometric mind.

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