Once Upon a Time in the Rainbow

angels bend their wings for those who wish to fly

A love story

Once upon a time in the rainbow came a people of all colors and creeds who gathered together to pray for the peace of the world , to celebrate the Brotherhood of Man. These butterfly people brought only their smiles and laughter, art and music and a strong desire burning in their hearts to become all the colors of the rainbow to all humanity on our common Earth.

 They came from all directions and each had his own journey of hardship to reach the magic place and the magic happening.The Rainbow gathering was born. And the Great Spirit was with them as they built their sacred fires upon the sacred ground.

The cathedral they built in the nature was like a city on the hill for young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak to join hearts and hands and declare their love one to another. Each a candle of hope, a living light to the whole wide world .

This was to become the rainbow family of living light singing in love, united in harmony dancing in unity… Each one with his or her own story to tell, each one shining the way of the heart in their thoughts , words and deeds. This is a love story of a people, a tribe , a nation born out of a vision for world peace and community. This is once upon a time in the rainbow. The jewel in the lotus flower of humankind. A story of unconditional love.

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