In the South of Spain near a town called Tabernas there lies a REAL EUROPEAN desert near Almeria.You can even visit a real set and dress up as a cowboy… but thats not what this blog is about… this is about equal opportunity and moving with the times…so whats so big about Almeira?

It was the site of the filming of around 800 spaghetti westerns from the 60s to the early 80s. The great director Sergio Leone made a famous Western called Once upon a time in the West.It a well crafted low budget movie that grossed millions and is voted as one of the best western movies of all time… Tourists from all over the world go there today 35 years later to see where all these great movies were made… They were all low budget movies with the same props and weak scripts that took a week to film or a few days they were that bad… then dubbed into English cause they used locals and painted them with polish to look like Mexicans… But there are some movies that were real gems… Clint Eastwood made his name on Spaghetti Westerns with a Few Dollars More and the Good , the Bad and the Ugly.

No Western movies have been filmed there since the 80s. What would happen if a modern styled Western were to be filmed today? But with a twist. Imagine that the Indians are the good guys and the Indians are dreadlocked rainbow hippies? Or not… they could have guns too. And eat vegan food.

Maybe they could even be rainbow cowboys with harmonicas sitting next the fire and singing shiva sham on… why not? Or maybe a duel at noon with a bad guy dressed in black. “DRAW!” … Imagine if you were living in the Wild West in 1880 in America…as a hippy… with dreadlocks… and someone made you sheriff… there’s many comic satirical story lines I can imagine… we could all live in tipis and have a rainbow gathering in the desert and film the cops coming in to tell us to socially distance ourselves… I’m sure it could be easy to write such a script and we could even put the music to it… maybe something like … I dont know… Heya heya ho..or offer mushroom tea instead of whisky… you could even do a Blazing Saddles send up with the beans and rice story… a complete parody on both cultures.

Anyway, Its just a thought but if anyone is interested to make a RAINBOW WESTERN … let me know.


Coming soon. Audition now.

12 thoughts on “COWBOYS & RAINBOWS – A WESTERN”

    1. welcome…we scouted the region just before the summer gatheirng in france and visited some of the old wetsern places in almeira . Of course it will need more volunteers to get this movie made..there is a healing gatheirng happening soon in andalusia which is not far from where we want to film this rainbow spoof movie sometime next year. the script still needs working on but ill publish an outline update soon.

    1. hi sorry i bin travelling a lot in brasil and just had time to check messages now. is there something i can help you with ?

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