EarthOceans is committed to equal rights and justice for all. Whilst we are not a political organization, it is right to take a stand against injustice where we see it. Being an ethical trading platform we hope that our actions will inspire others to take action in their own communities to promote peace and harmony between people of all races.

Human beings can still create magic by coming together, and this is perhaps the greatest miracle of all!

This is what we do in our rainbow gatherings all over the world for the last 50 years. It is probably the best EXPORT coming out of America !

Morgan Freeman once said that ” we get rid of racism by stop talking about it!” In fact he is against having a black history month at all.

He said ” Would you want a white or Jewish or Christian history or Muslim history month ? No.. Neither do I.”

Nelson Mandela famously said …” I have fought against discrimination and domination by white people against black people and I would fight against black domination and discrimination against white people. ”

Robert Sobukwe , the father of pan africanism said once ..” there is only one race…the HUMAN race!”

Jeanne Jacque Rousseau said ” Man is born free , yet everywhere he is in chains!” In the 21st Century when we have to heal the wounds of the past why do we have to say the word ..BLACK?- Dont ALL lives matter ? Why do we have to be COLOR specific?

The term BLACK LIVES MATTER is on the face of it …. is a racist terminology that is based on a false premise. IT IS MEANT TO PROVOKE US TO REACT. And sadly , that is what has happened. But perhaps that is a conversation that was needed at this time.

It is RACISM that is the evil and we all know that….But it is a necessary evil for us all to confront the demons of the past that haunt us in our society today.

We still see racism all over the world.

There is black racism against white people in South Africa. There is Racism against Muslim Uighurs in China… or the Kurds or the Gypsies in Romania…and Hitler committed an act of racial injustice against the Jews because he believed they were an inferior race. In fact his act of racial injustice was to make a holocaust that killed 6 million. Race does matter…and that’s why the German people paid the Jewish people reparations for their crime for over 70 years. Africans have got nothing for the crimes committed against them by Europeans and Americans and Arabs. It was a holocaust in itself… and it has still not been properly addressed.

We have racism against Chinese people by Japanese …racism against aboriginals and native americans …racism by black people against black people as we saw in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. In truth we are ALL guilty. Perhaps we are not aware of how we have benefited from the advantages of our ancestors and their actions… but benefit we did. As did many black people too. Today Africa is still a basket case because these wounds have not been healed. Haiti is a failed state despite 200 years of freedom. Should all the responsibility of the past injustices of slavery be placed on the shoulders of all the children of former colonialists? Or should we just forget the whole thing? The answer is yes and no. It is important to repair a past wrong… and it doesnt matter how long it takes to repair it… but it is also important to know when to let go. If the Jewish people were able to get paid reparations from Germany… so too should the Africans be paid for what happened to them. Which still affects them psychologically today. Its fair..and its just. How that happens is up for discussion.

Africa was carved up in 1885 in the Berlin conference by the European colonial masters. No thought was given about tribal territories or local history. This created many issues that still exist today. The same happened in Syria and Iraq… and Kuwait… and it led to a bloody civil war that has cost thousands and thousands of lives and millions of refugees. History does matter… even today. What mistakes were made in the past have to be rectified. Without justice there cannot be peace. So how do we make this paradigm shift from the past to the future? How do we heal the wounds that have passed on from generation to generation… civil wars… genocides… inner city gangs without fathers to guide them ?

First of all we need to recognize and learn about our common history and put it right. History is written by the winners …but rewritten by the healers. How many people questioned and protested against statues of slave traders… ( including myself) and NOTHING was done? I wrote a letter to the Mayor of Bristol about the sensitive subject in 2014. But it was ignored. I wasnt even permitted to eet the mayor and talk to him despite being someone who was willing to help the city get over its brutal past. A past that profited off the backs of slaves and a city that built its banks and universities and mansions off the profits of slave labour. Banks like NATWEST that still use the triangular trade symbol on their bank cards. Yes, me a white man and founder of the Africa Unite Party… son of soldiers that did the bidding of the Queen and the King to further their empire and ambition. The wealth of Africa has been sucked out from her shores and brought to foreign lands… and those same people..their children both in the diaspora and in the slums of African cities demand that justice now. If there had been a willingness to listen … there would have not been the need to use a racist terminology such as black lives matter. We are living in a generation of healing and it is time to confront our past and to heal it. But how?

Part of the problem is access to opportunity. And part of the problem is access to history. The seed must return to the tree for both to become whole. The line that was broken must be healed once again by renewing the connection to the motherland. This is about culture. This is about restoring what has been smashed and this time…

Africans were ripped from the bosom of mama africa and taken to faraway shores against their will. Strong men and women endured grave dangers at sea many dying ,or being thrown overboard before being sold off like cattle on a block… and treated like property… But do not think that Europeans are the sole cause of the woes of the present generation. Slavery could not have happened if corrupt chiefs did not sell out to the slavers and sell their own flesh and blood into an unimaginable hell on a cotton plantation or a sugar plantation… Part of the blame must fall on the shoulders of those that did such acts of violent upheaval.

To build a better world FREE of ALL racism we must work together to remove the barriers of our own ignorance and pride. When you are sitting in the seats of power it is easy to pull a blinker over your eyes or to laugh in the face of legal protesters and still do the opposite. We saw it with Tony Blair in 2003 and other so called public servants in 1991. I was called a twit by the SUN for saying STOP THE WAR… and when 1 million people said it in the second invasion… by protesting on the streets of London..peacefully… we were ignored.

Trevor Noah, the South African comedienne said an interesting thing after George Floyd was executed in broad daylight. He said… ” there is no good or bad way to protest when the contract between society and the people is broken.” And thats what has happened. People looted. People burned down buildings and took over city centres… and yes… law and order became lawlessness and chaos… but like any fever … it has to break before you can heal… you need a fever sometimes for the poison to come out. And this is what is happening not just in America..but all over the world… this is a TIME OF A GREAT PURIFICATION of ALL humanity. Its a great time to be alive. Chief Arvol Looking Horse told me that this would happen in 2017 after the Standing Rock protests which brought many first nations together over a pipeline being built to take radioactive oil across a river… and by the way… radioactivity in fracking has been proven. That I will talk to in another blog on the subject with data. At we are committed to a fairer, cleaner and greener Earth for all. That goes for our oceans too. There is a GREAT AWAKENING going on during this time.and there is also a lot of love in the time of corona … a lot of time to think and to heal ourselves…and especially to examine who we are…

So to understand this complex subject we must work towards reconciliation, justice and restitution for all . BLACK LIVE MATTER IS A RACIST SLOGAN. The truth is RACISM is the fire that needs to be put out… ALL RACISM EVERYWHERE. But it took a racist slogan to wake up the oblivious slumbering establishment who don’t care to look into the past at all. Why should they ? They live on top of the pile and will always be there… They simply dont care… but again..that’s a generalization… some actually do care… the problem is that when you put European values into an African culture it doesn’t work and leads to resentment. It is important as well to have dialogue and not say all white people are racist… that’s a racist saying in itself… its a partnership. Its not socialism to want to help your fellow man… its humanity. And that is our ethos at

We can start with African people living in Americas and in Europe and elsewhere… and we can deal with something we all need to deal with… or we can sweep it under the carpet until it rears its ugly head again… No… I believe we must be proactive. I believe we must join hands, hearts and minds across continents and national boundaries drawn by man… and find our common the spirit of reconciliation and healing .. We did it once in South Africa with the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION…PERHAPS ITS TIME WE HAD ONE OF THOSE IN AMERICA OR ENGLAND …and in all the countries that have benefited from slavery and oppression of African people…Is there a way to redress the injustice and SINS of the past? Yes… there is …

… the best reparation of all is EDUCATION. EDUCATION FOR ALL.

Imagine Africa was to have FREE WIFI? -Imagine if her best students could go to those same schools that were built off the blood , sweat and tears of the ancestor of African slaves on their plantations …and imagine if African American and Afro Europeans were to spend 6 months of their lives volunteering in the motherland?

And in fact if ALL Europeans and Americans were to do the same ..developing relationships with Africans all over the continent… imagine if one day no African would have to risk their lives on boats to work at slave wages …but could survive off the new digital economy… in their own lands ? Imagine if we were all truly brothers and sisters living in peace on our common planet together? FREE of racism of any kind… that’s WHY black lives matter..and that’s why ALL lives matter in the end… we cannot ignore the past to our own peril…because we carry the dreams of our fathers and mothers… and God knows fatherhood and families have taken a beating in the last 30 years. And it is our children that carry part of us in them…our dreams and our traumas… so reach out to each other… why not? Come together in the spirit of love and understanding.

It is time to heal our past by having honest human conversations now. Forget your pride and ego. Forget your pain and hurt. Forgiveness is like lancing the poison from a festering boil… it is only by and through forgiveness that we can indeed bring peace and justice. It is the first step towards reconciliation and restoration.

The seed of the tree carries the history of the tree… but the tree is the one who has created the seed and understands it. It is the father to its son. And both need the other. AFRICA UNITE!

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