For too long have we Desired for a Home, not knowing where Home was -or ever Should BE!

For too long have we Wandered this Earth, Searching for that feeling of Being TOTALLY Free!

Born Free -to LIVE Free, because we were ALL Born to be Free- and to STAY Forever FREE!

Born to be a VOICE of one Human conversation, one Human Society, one Human TREE!

This vision of the PROMISE -and the Promise of the Promised Land –

Is a Vision of the Anonymous -and the Vision of the Brotherhood of Man!

Time to build a NEW world , a New Way for the people who Understand

Time for WE -who have waited SO patiently-for OUR Prophecies to STAND!

To seize this New Day and Opportunity- to build MAGIC RAINBOWLANDS Community

To be a Beacon of HOPE…LOVE & LIGHT – PEACE & TRUTH and Harmonious UNITY!

To be a symbol of the BUTTERFLY people -an example of True HUMANITY


This Dream we have Dreamt -You and Me -is not Ours Alone…!

This Dream we have Dreamt- is a Dream of our Common Native Home…

This Planet is OURS- and WE are the ones we have ALL  been waiting for!

This time is OURS -and its time to OPEN that Mystery Door…!


This is the Way of the Heart! 

July 28th, 2020.


Our story thusfar “ Since 1996 we have envisioned a NEW Rainbow society that would replace the old traditional society .We have envisioned a new world with a new vision for humanity. No more division games. No racism. No sexism. No nationalism. Just a community of people , a rainbow people…a rainbow society of all colors and creeds living together in peace and harmony,love and unity!”

From that European gathering in 1996 in Salto, Portugal we created the “World Rainbow Family” which then spread to Africa, India , Australia, Asia and the Americas.  It was truly a pivotal gathering that made Rainbow history…Now its come back FULL circle!It has returned to the beginning. …Portugal. 

Like the lost King Sebastian of Portugal returning to his homeland from the deserts in the African Sahara...RETURNING during this challenging dark moment in our human history… 2020… when hope in truth and freedom is gone…the land and its homes in ruins……the economy in tatters…  when nothing is what it seems anymore…when  only the spirit of a hero can change the tide of oppression,ignorance and despair. To transform fear to faith and darkness to light….this is the path of the warrior of living light…the rainbow warrior.

Yes, The King is returning with all his multicolored children!!…to bring life where there is none… water in the desert …peace where there is conflict…and joy where there is sadness. This is the prophecy come true. 

The Children of the Rainbow have returned to the land , to heal the hearts of the old people who have held the space for so long..with laughter, love and light…music and dancing , wine and art -poetry and theater…  Sebastian is whispering in our ears- , and the Winds of Change are blowing upon the faces of the ancient lands of Lusitania at last. And upon the face of the entire world. Singing a new song… 

For Healing. For purification. For Peace. 

The Rainbowlands Vision:

Rainbowlands community vision is a followup on the Rainbow Gatherings. Almost an upgrading of it. We feel its time to walk our walk -as we talk our talk!

We LOVE the lifestyle ,and living in community is LIVING the lifestyle. Fulltime. 

Anywhere and everywhere. Its about creating healthy relationships between friends and building a network of support and solidarity to future proof the times we are living in. 

Most of all the rainbowlands vision is about connecting the nuclear and broader family too with each other!

Understanding what that means in daily life and protecting the beauty of it in these socially pressured problematic times. Whether you are a single parent or not. A good family means a good tribe. And Rainbowlands is all about the family. This is what makes us the multicolored rainbow family of living light! – and LOVE! Family. So in 2015 we created the vision for Rainbowlands Portugal and registered a legal entity in Gibraltar. We also created multiple facebook groups which now have thousands of people in it all over the world. Africa, Asia, The Americas… Europe… 

The Earth is after all one rainbowland full of beauty and promise. All it requires is us. Many individuals have bought their own land and are currently working on it. We ( the focalisers, admin and other supporters)- have already over 1000 rainbow people living in Portugal permanently maybe even more. 

Certainly we have people already on the land and becoming sustainable. The same vision was shared many times in many circles…all over the world…But it was never the right time to OPENLY manifest it. I guess we weren’t ready to leave the temptations of Babylon and ego and comfort… not easy. Adapting… but we must evolve or perish , adapt or die… And we never had the GREEN LIGHT and the go ahead from the Universe , God -the Great Spirit or the Magic Hat to manifest it… We just were not ready for the medicine. Not ready to do the inner work. 

Not ready to make the necessary sacrifices and commitments. Its frightening, confusing, strange , weird and disturbing time… BUT… its what we have been preparing and WAITING for ….One party has ended..another one has BEGUN!  Lets just have fun , RECONFIGURE…and ACCELERATE OUR AWARENESS! The TIME has come. Its right NOW!

 This pandemic is a blessing in disguise. Pandora has been released and she doesn’t want to go back. Gatherings are downsizing or being postponed or canceled. Its time for CHANGE because change is upon us. Whether we like or want it or not. Its HERE! We are living by accident or design… in a post covid dystopian world! 

Its as if we are being led into a new paradigm shift of LIVESTREAM realtime consciousness that is impelling and inspiring us to take the plunge into the deeper waters of this mystery, to do something different. 

And do it now!

To Seek true spirituality and connection with ourselves, each other, and the Earth and the universe…and everything… to CREATE islands of light… to be free ,and  to free ourselves from our own mental and emotional slavery …to say :“Free at last , thank God almighty…

I’m free at last!”

And now…We have the PUSH… we have prayed for…WISHED FOR… HOPED for ..Desired and WAITED for …and WANTED for so very long…!! Its here. – For those who have been on the trail and the road for decades now… you will understand the sacrifices we have made for this perfect moment..this perfect day.  This journey of the way of the heart… its been a hard one to come to this point.


“When the Earth is sick and dying , there will come a new tribe of ALL nations, colors and creeds and by their words and by their deeds they will bring healing and peace to all the PLANET and all of Creation, and these people shall be known as the children of Light, the ELOHI, the Warriors of the Rainbow!”

…So it is with humility and faith , truth, simplicity and love..that we wish to gather in the South of Portugal on a beautiful land with panoramic views of 60 hectares with a river, trees and good air to manifest this dream of a new HUMAN society , community and civilization…One of liberty, fraternity  and equality to and for all …to show and to demonstrate the miracle of the Rainbow Family of Living Light …and the miracle of the gathering of the tribes…- a small gathering of no more than 50 people on rainbow land …to share our wishes, dreams,visions  and aspirations for a BETTER more humane and SANER world… a HUMAN Ubuntu -because as YOU ARE -I AM….and as I AM ..YOU ARE!We exist because of the other, so let us learn to Love One Another


Thank YOU. 

We intend to make this Community Gathering a yearly MEETING not just in Portugal , but all over the world as the vision grows and more become enlightened to our society as it currently is. 

Everyone is a participator not a spectator. We all count and we all have value. 




Please contact the admin by PM or email for other details or updates. We cannot hold more than 50 people on the land so it has to be invitation only. We have decided also due to the current health concerns that we need to limit the size of the gathering and to ensure good and safe public hygiene for all.  

Thanks, see you in 5. 

The Focaliser team. Whatsapp +447423714007 

Our Seed Camp in Portugal. 

We are inviting anyone who resonates with this vision to join us on this journey. Normal Rainbow guidelines apply. 

  • We are sorry but at this time of the year fire is impossible, because of dryness, we use the fire in our hearts instead. 

Bring seeds for SEED CAMP!- small trees and plants to put into the ground, music instruments and good vibes. 

Don’t bring dogs, drugs, electronic apparatus, violence and alcohol. 

We work on magic hat principles and dynamics and share everything in common yet respect personal spaces. 

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