Trees of life are the air we breathe!

I cant breathe…I cant breathe !” …that cry has been the one statement that has moved every human heart on the planet in 2020.

Whether it was from the terrible covid pandemic and its effects on all our lives ,or from the cries of George Floyd, we cannot ignore the crisis that human activity has caused through global deforestation and fires that are a direct result of our neglect,selfishness and greed. URGENT global ACTION is required immediately to turn the tide of our thoughtlessness.

The Facts speak for themselves. And the fact is there’s lots of work to be done.

FOREST LIVE 21 is a call to action.

Our vision: To bring awareness through the arts and science to the ongoing struggle to protect indigenous forests around the world particularly to those vital for our common human survival on Earth. will be the hub of this movement.

Our mission: To be able to establish conscious community centers of learning and eco tourism as well as to create islands of protection for these fragile eco systems and forests. By educating the people the people themselves will empower themselves.

Our mission is 3 fold :

1.Awareness through Action

2. Economic Empowerment through Education & Technology

3. Community Building through local stakeholders, schools,NGOs or associations.

Our Proposal:

2020 has been a year of great challenges for everyone on the planet. The issues of climate change have been replaced and forgotten due to the covid pandemic. It doesn’t mean that it isnt still important or that it relates to our common wellbeing as human beings. We cannot ignore it.

During this difficult year we have seen unfolding a natural ecological disaster created by an ongoing climate crisis involving deforestation and drought.

The FIRES in Brazil this year have been apocalyptic. Made worse by our neglect.

Fires have raged in the forests of Brazil heretofore unseen in its magnitude. The international community has had its hands full with mitigating the effects of the corona virus. People have lost their jobs, businesses and homes. And the outlook for 2021 doestn look too good right now. People need HOPE. They are confused as to what the future may bring and whether or not they will be able to feed their families and put food on the table.

The odd thing in all of this is that we have had time to think about HOW we are living and how we do business. More and more things are being done online now and less travelling has led to less carbon emissions.

There has been a silver lining and not everything is doom and gloom. People are talking about a great awakening of humanity to the interconnectedness between Nature and Man and between nation and nation. We all are affected by what happens in another part of the world. The virus that came from China has taught us this.

We cannot live with an island mentality anymore!

Indeed, our economic system is also connected to the fortunes of the global market. And this is connected with the supply chain and to the resources we take for granted.

But there is a new awakening happening about the value of our environmental resources.

What we eat, what we breath , what we drink.

If anything this pandemic has taught us to expand our thinking and reconfigure and rethink our own lives. Some call it the great reset …but we call it the great AWAKENING. Health is true wealth.

We suddenly want to EAT better food, DRINK cleaner water… BREATHE fresher air…because the healthier we are the better we can withstand new viruses and their mutations.


It all comes back to the forests that provide the FOUNDATION of our climate and our general wellbeing. Its what the forested eco system provides never mind the tree. To some of the FIRST NATIONS peoples that live inside the rainforests… they believe they “hold up the sky”.. with their prayers. And by holding up the sky…so it doesnt fall down… the survival of the human race is ensured. It may sound incredulous that our forests mean so much to our existence… but the more we learn ..the more we realise just that.

Its not just about planting trees to sequestrate or store carbon. ..we need to create or maintain the entire forested biome or eco systems to ensure consistent rainfalls that ensure the survival of both animals and humans together. The massive droughts in Brasil this last year turned normal fires into firestorms the like never seen before. But most of this was passed over by the media due to the pandemic. We need to stop cutting down trees and destroying our forests.

Look after our forests ,and we look after all of us. Its win win for everyone.

In fact amongst other benefits, the indigenous forests of the world provide the biodiversity for many plant and animal species some of whom can give us medical breakthroughs. Other benefits include the moisture that is created and which evaporates and creates the high and low barometric pressures that create winds… and winds produce clouds or water vapor by blowing on water ..oceans … and that in turn provides rainfall on land which nourishes plants which provide food for animals and food for us. Its all a circle and a never ending cycle broken only by the destruction of the rainforests themselves.

Its all interconnected and symbiotic, and we at call it Earths’ “environomics’!

Our economic, spiritual and physical health are all related to the environment and particularly to the forests around the world that not only produce oxygen and winds through evapotranspiration but nourish our crops through rainfall that give us our food we eat. Its THAT simple. Now with the pandemic we need to begin to see the importance of moving beyond our national boundaries and seeing the need to support the eco systems in a PRACTICAL way that in turn supports us. 30 % of every breath you take comes from South Americas forests.

Imagine have 30 % less to breath every time you take a breath?

It would be like living on Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro.

But thats not all….

Around half of our planet is covered with clouds at any one time. Since clouds reflect sunlight away from the Earth, they play a vital role in the Earth’s climate and energy balance.

Good rainfall is all related to healthy forest systems. Cut the trees down and next year you will have less rainfall. Its that simple.

Studies done over 50 years in the Middle East have shown that by creating new forests the rainfall and climate changes positively.

Israel and the Congo have the only increasing forests in the world but for two very different reasons. One is by intention the other by accident, war and lack of intention. In Brazil it is a never ending struggle between capital economics and the environment.

We propose that these assets belong to all of humanity and we have a duty and a responsibility to be good stewards of them and the people that live in them.

That is the aim of FOREST LIVE 2021 or FOREST LIVE 21.

Our focus this year will be on the Atlantic Rainforest which is most under threat. We will be broadcasting live and synchronizing with others all around the world to create a global event that can be seen by all. Music and workshops livestreamed.


You can apply directly to the promoter :

Our Focus:

Our focus in 2021 must be to protect and preserve the forests of Brazil which include the Amazon ,the Pantanal and the Atlantica. This last year more than double the fires have been recorded due to the increased effects of drought and human activity. The most endangered of these forests is the “MATA ATLANTICA” or Atlantic Forest which has lost over 88% of its original habitat and contains more biodiversity than even the Amazon itself.

Despite having only 28% of native vegetation cover remaining,[10] the Atlantic Forest remains extraordinarily lush in biodiversity and endemic species, many of which are threatened with extinction.

Approximately 40 percent of its vascular plants and up to 60 percent of its vertebrates are endemic species, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world.[11

The incorporation of modern human societies and their needs for forest resources has greatly reduced the size of the Atlantic Forest, which has resulted in species impoverishment.[16] Almost 88% of the original forest habitat has been lost and replaced by human-modified landscapes including pastures, croplands, and urban areas. This deforestation continues at an annual rate of 0.5% and up to 2.9% in urban areas.

In the first four months of this year, 2.437 fires were recorded in the Atlantic Forest. During the same period last year, this number reached 2.152. The difference represents an increase of 13% in the number of fires from 2019 to 2020. The data, obtained from the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), concern and ignite a warning about the dangers that Brazilian biodiversity faces daily.

According to the non-governmental organization SOS Mata Atlântica, approximately 12% of the Atlantic Forest remains in good condition, compared to what originally existed in the country.

Our Actions: What then should we do now ? …


A 24 hour GLOBAL online LIVE STREAMED event from the rainforest!”

Working through local partners such as we hope to bring awareness to the need to create a sustainable community space that integrates the needs of humans on the ground to the needs of the ecological system we know as the Mata Atlantica. A live fund will be opened through patreon or other sources whereby you can donate live to forest live directly.

All the monies collected for this venture will be used to protect the land and empower the people on the land too. FOREST LIVE 21 is a non profit organisation that seeks to establish communities of “enlightenment” -reform in the endangered forests around the world to both protect and to educate visitors of the importance of sustainability ,and sustainable management of our precious forestry resources on Earth.

All our projects aim to protection and preservation as well as empowerment of the indigenous people living in or around the forests itself. We believe both can coexist and thrive.

By creating awareness and understanding , we create communities of symbiotic forest, water,climate and earth protectors. And this is how we shall SAVE the forests from the destruction we have seen in the last 200 years FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS...

It is as important as the very air we breathe that we do it.


To get involved : contact Luciano on

or join whatsapp group FOREST LIVE 21 on +447423714007.

Thank you.

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