20-20 Vision

20-20 (A poem about vision)

Plastic flowers and butterflies,

Alive with colors – Disguised with lies!

Reality is a perception –Only the Blind can see!

Illusion is a deception –Only the Truth can Be!

No time for games anymore!

No time to play the whore for evermore-

Love who you are!

BE who you are…you ARE a Shining Star !

Do not be paralyzed with fear- panic or anxiety…

Let go of all your thoughts of this insane reality

It is but a dream ,it is not what it seems…

You are more than this pan- drama of pandemic screams

Release yourself from your prison -ship mind!

Paint the pictures of the paintings you find

Today this Cosmos is aligned to your Destiny

And with LOVE you will find your absolute Transcendency!

She waits for you bathed in a crystal mountain stream

Diamonds in her eyes shining with the LIGHT of your dreams

Her hair flowing like the river upon her naked breast

Her smile as beautiful as the dawn breaks upon the distant crest…

Sounds of the forest surround you in splendid Symphony !

The Moon, the Stars and the Sun are in perfect Harmony

Embrace your higher self in this Moment of total Unity

For Love gives birth to Us in her gentle Mystery !

There is no limit to where or how we can go, or Come!

Like the frog heralds the rain , the Aurora the Morning Sun…

We are Spirits , we are Thoughts , We are Feelings ,we are Divine Imagination…!

And Together as One …We shall Overcome...

As One Rainbow Nation! As ONE Rainbow Nation…

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