A door to door service provider that makes you extra cash


1. AKUNA MATATA (AM) – is a door to door solutions provider.

What does that mean?

It means we deliver or connect two parties together who need a product or service and can provide it. For example… Someone who needs their hair braided or nails done but don’t wanna go to a salon. In the UK and other more highly connected countries people don’t have time to so stuff… So they order it online. This is the app that facilitates their needs.

It’s a solutions provider.

2. We are a social as well as a green and ethical trading company with an awareness about reducing carbon footprint. The information age is all about space and time management. What we are doing is maximizing on both by giving an incentive to utilize this app to save time and money. (I’ll come to the green aspect now). People in the city all have extra time even if they don’t know it… Or space. If they can make money out of this commodity by providing a service… Everyone wins.

3. Our core business is solar powered vehicles and EV. (Electric vehicles eg pedicabs, e Tuk tuks etc) But to properly monetize it requires the following factors :

1. Data. We need to show our vehicles can sustain a small business model. To do that they need to be tracked. The Toyota foundation have already commissioned us to do a pilot project with 6 vehicles. This app can easily be used to interface with the various business models that each vendor has. With a history of trips made we can show it works and get further funding with them and other foundations. This funding can be used to develop our product even further and roll out into rural off grid communities.

2. Distribution. We need to educate the public. So the app cannot just be a green app. We need lots of downloads. We need people to use it. And we need to create a tutorial on how to use the app too. (like indriver). So this app needs to be inclusive of other means of transportation.. Foot, bicycle, bus, taxi, donke, car, truck etc.

3. Connectivity. In Africa perhaps a dozen places are good enough where the general population is internet savvy. Rwanda, Kigali, Nairobi, Lagos and Cape Town are probably the best candidates. My vote at this stage for our purposes is Kenya, Nairobi.

4. Payment. In Africa Kenya and Somalia have the best payment systems which don’t require cash. It’s coming to south Africa via the DPO group in 7 months. Pay gate, zotapay and mpesa. But in Kenya on the cash option… Mpesa is used. So it’s no problem paying. Payment has to be seemless. Easy. Very important with commissions worked out.

5. Marketing. Once the app is ready for beta testing we will need to get the message out there as quickly as possible. The app has to look and feel zippy. We’ve got to work out how to incenrivise people to share the app. This way more users until we reach critical mass.

4. Now I want to talk about the rating system. If you use multiple transport tools it’s going to affect your green star rating. If you are totally green then you get a 5 star green rating. Eg foot… Bicycle or solar trike. The incentive must be a cheaper rate for the client. And a cheaper commission cost from the app platform. We want people to choose green but not force them. First, we want them to use the app.

5.How does it work?

Keywords. Meta..Like a YouTube channel or alibaba… The search is targeted towards key words or meta tags.

( not sure if that’s the correct term). Anyway…

Example. A provider has a profile. In it he or she types out what services they can provide. Eg.

Walk dogs, braid hair, massage back, courier. We can make it easy for them by providing an A TO Z list. If what they have to provide is Not on the list.. They can simply put ‘other’ Then the client can question in a pm what other service and they can simply add to the list.

So the provider can also offer…

I have to offer… A puppy, car, bike,

Objects which don’t fall. Under services. When the client types in I want to hire a bike. The providers name will come up. Or I want to buy a puppy. Again the providers name will appear.

The provider has 3 options. The 3rd is I want to sell. 2nd I want to offer, hire or rent… And the 1st is I can provide a… Massage… Gardening… Braiding… Cooking etc.

The provider can provide a one paragraph bio on themselves and have 5 photos or links to their Fb account… Although I’m not sure I want to encourage going on another platform. Jury is out on this.

The client. The client has 3 options

I want to hire…

I want to rent…

I want to buy…

Client has a profile too and can switch from client mode to provider mode. This is the whole beauty of the app. You can be both.

Once the service or product is matched with the providers in the closest proximity… The next step is to make an offer. It works like indriver taxi app . Very similar.

…client makes an offer… And the providers counter the offer…until point of agreement is made.

Like indriver. Same thing. Also like Uber you can calculate how far they are and how long it will take them to get to you and see if they have a green star rating or what reviews they have on their profile.

If more tails are required… There’s a messaging service… Just like Uber. Once the deal is made the payment type is chosen. Cash or card. Card is upfront. Or PayPal. Etc.. Cash is on delivery. The provider can also reject cash or card. It’s up to him or her how he wishes to get paid. And whether they can trust each other.

That’s how it works.

6.Logo and brand. I thought of the Lion King. U shud watch it. Then I thought of a.feuendly naughty monkey swinging from tree to tree with a banana handing it to another monkey with a big smile in n his face. AKUNA MATATA. No worries it’s a trouble free philosophy. I’m not sure if I’ll have an issue with copyright. But you get the drift. Or hassle free policy. Anyway it’s catchy. AKUNA is the Zulu for HHAKUNA.or no problem.

7. Review system. Of course it’s a 5 star rating system with a one line review possible. The client can select who they want based on their rating or price. But it’s also necessary to establish a Trust rating too. We can put this as a percentage average which is part of the rating… Out of10.




Providing solutions to your daily challenges.

Hire a nurse for an hour… Or a gardener… Buy your groceries online and get them delivered… Sell that old car in the driveway…

Rent a courier to deliver your medication… Hire a hairdresser to braid your hair… Whatever you want… HM has the solution.. From door to door wherever and whenever 24-7.

Initially, I was going to call it METROGOGO and launch in London. Then I got involved in the solar e cycles project and put it on the shelf until now. After 8 months in Kenya I came down to South Africa and I was asked to write a proposal for Toyota to sponsor a pilot project.

We tried it in zimbabwe with an NGO called mobility for Africa. (a women empowerment project) but that too was shelved due to the local conditions. I then came up with another name called EGOLIGOLI but I realized we cannot limit ourselves to the solar cycles.

As you know everything… All retail and services are all about space and time management. The software is going to rule the world. We are heading for a technicracy.

So I wanted this app to empower people by utilizing their extra time more effectively to earn an income – either part or full time. That was my original idea.

Right, so how does it work?

1. There are two categories of user.


2. Each provider is vetted by having their ID and other security details copied. Then they do a one page profile of what they have to offer. There is also a 5 star rating system like Uber that works both ways…

3. The client registers his or her payment details or preferences online and is also vetted.

There are 4 options.

1.CARDS (visa or mastercard or American express)



4.ONLINE(PayPal – Transferwise-CRYPTO – safex… etc)

We will use PAYGATE owhich is owned by DPO group or paypal. They are going to introduce in South Africa to the mpesa system in 7 months. That’s big news. It’s going to change the way we do BUSINESS. Internationally we use swipe.

5.Once the client has registered his or her payment details and profile they are good to go. Just like Uber their can also star rate their provider and report any bad behavior introducing confidence into the market place.

6.The client then says what he or she wants. There are 4 options -which could be limited to two on he app. Either or.

1. I want to HIRE a….

2. I want to RENT a…

3. I want to BUY a…

4. I want to SELL a…

The client types in a key word. It could be… I want to RENT a bike. And immediately 7 providers will show up. The client will then choose which provider is

1.available now

2.close by. Proximity


4.best rated.

7. Once the client has selected the provider after viewing his or her profile – or not he or she makes an offer. A bit like Indriver the Russian app. The provider responds and the clients accepts or declines. There may be a neccessity to message each other to discuss finer details but that will come after payment.

8. Once the both agree to provide the solution… The client either pays upfront by card or by cash on delivery.

9.Once the service is completed the provider will mark himself available and the whole process starts again. The provider is paid immediately minus a 10% percent commission. I havnt decided on the exact amount yet of comm the app will take. Probably between 5 to 10%.

10.Currency options. I want to develop the app in South Africa because I feel it’s the right place to do so and you are the right person to do it with. But I think Nairobi is a better place to roll it out because the connectivity here and distances are too difficult. Or we will try to roll it out concurrently in beta and see which country it takes off first. So we will need to quote in shilling as well as rand.

Operating the app and payment solutions will require a constant updating and surveillance to ensure the software is working but that’s another problem for another day.

That is it in a nutshell… Please do not share this with anyone without my permission as I wish to protect my intellectual property too. To this end I will register it with an intellectual property lawyer. I used to use John and kernick attorneys but a y intellectual property can also be guaranteed by a copy left agreement.

Finally, if you and your team want to get involved in this exciting project as stakeholders and shareholders I am open to that too. Otherwise, we can do it strictly on a pay as you go retainer ie I pay you guys for your time and that’s that’s. Up to you.

Here are some of the projects we are involved in at earthoceans.org.








HAKUNA MATATA… A TROUBLE FREE PHILOSOPHY!… Providing solutions to your daily challenges.

Hire a nurse for an hour… Or a gardener… Buy your groceries online and get them delivered… Sell that old car in the driveway… Rent a courier to deliver your medication… Hire a hairdresser to braid your hair… Whatever you want… HM has the solution.. From door to door wherever and whenever 24-7.

The key to creating this consumer revolution is the ability to empower people using the tools of he NEW ECONOMY.


If you want to participate in this or any other of our projects please contact us on earthoceans2020@gmail.com or

robin @earthoceans.org