Whitepaper Second iteration September 23rd, 2021



Aslan La Vega



Abstract : Since the birth of bitcoin in 2009 , a decentralised cash system has revolutionised how we think about money. But we still do not understand the future of money and why it is imperative for the human race to change its behavior in relation to preserving life, peace, harmony and the delicate balance of the living world. Blockchain technology requires an upgrade to make it not only user friendly , fast and cheap, it needs the right algorithms.

The algorithms of Awoosha coin / AWO are based on the highest ethical equation to sustain life on planet Earth for future generations in perpetuity.

It is both an international cash/credit system that is autonomous,sovereign and decentralised working off fast and safe platforms and independent of any financial institutions. It is also working on a grassroots peer to peer network which has been tested for over 50 years since its inception in 1972. The same ethos helped build the world wide web in 1989.

In any new money system of the future or next generation crypto currency there has to be several factors present for this system to work. We will come to this shortly.

With the 2008 banking crash we realized that centralised banks cannot ,and do not have the answers. Nor do the governments that regulate them. Prices are fixed by the reserve banks yet in crisis numbers are produced from thin air ; and it is the ordinary people that have to pay for an irresponsible banking system that gambles money away. Like it was a roulette wheel in a casino.

The reaction to 2008 was the Occupy movement and the advent of Bitcoin. Bitocin was the cullmination of years of work on how to make our banking system work better and for all. However pioneering bitcoin has been since 2009 we have seen that the gold standard of crypto has inherent problems that make it “anarcho -capitalism on steroids”! Despite its breakthrough…it has problems. It is slow and stagnant and carbon inefficient.

We do not know who is the author of it and its architect didnt think how it was going to be used. Much like Einstein and the atom bomb.

What we propose in something new.

Something that will make poverty history and usher in a new age of economic prosperity for all. Awoosha.io seeks to revolutionise how we trade and think about money and transactions and each other.


The blockchain technology over the last 11 years has evolved and is evolving at a rapid rate. But the problem of trust is still an issue. In the early days of the internet it was the same. However, as technology improved and the internet became widely accepted it became more accepted to make financial transactions of bigger and bigger amounts. And the costs of those transactions dropped dramatically. But not enough.

With the advent of the smart phone and faster internet speeds active users globally have increased to 65% from only 6. 5% in the year 2000. This is where we are today with cryptocurrency. On the cliff edge. But this will change in the next 20 years. So too will the climate and the oceans, our air quality and our fresh water supplies worldwide. Wars over fertile land will also increase as well as religious strife and control over our oceans for its resources. We are not managing our common wealth …we are destroying it. And that must stop. The world is set to become a very unstable place due to our over consumption and irresponsible capitalism unless we change our behavior collectively as human beings.

That all comes down to our money and how we spend it.

The first stage of crypto has been about proof of work to create rewards. It still did not solve the problem of anarcho capitalism but exasperated it. Then came proof of stake which meant that those who had more dominated more. In both cases greed was the overriding emphasis on money and nothing has changed except how much the banking institutions make in their transaction costs. The problem is still that many of the worlds poorest are unbanked and those that are do not know the complexities involved in making a simple crypto currency transaction. It is akin to dial up internet ..slow , complex and cumbersome.

This is where we are now…after 11 years only 3 to 5 % of the worlds population use or understand crypto currency. So these are the problems we hope to solve with the introduction of this new system and its algorithms.

We call it proof of ethics.

2. Transactions

Since only half of the worlds population owns or uses a smart phone we need to find a way to bring those that don’t into the fold of those that do. We need to not only educate but also to empower the people of the world still living in poverty. Not only that we need to reward ethical behavior and good conduct with each commercial transaction. This is in the interest of all of us. It is universal. But how do we agree on what is universal? And what is the definition of what we understand is ethics? And how do we finance the the ethos of this new system?

Today we know blockchain technology works. But the main issues of bitcoin are its energy consumption and its speed. Other platforms such as ethereum have reduced the time of each transaction to complete itself and its speed of transaction. But it hasnt solved the essential problem of taxation, regulation and ethics. The future of money on Earth has to not only incorporate the proof of work and stake but also its ethics. And what is ethics as we are proposing to define it? What algorithms do we need to programme into this new currency?

3. Proof of Ethics

Ethics: We define ethics as “the highest reason towards our common survival on Planet Earth.”

Our proposal to solve these and other problems is by :

(a) defining what ethics include,and (b)what comprises ethical conduct by humanity ,centralized governments of the world, and financial, media or software institutions . Oversight of human activity has to take place through a transaction cost and rewarded by proving ethical conduct.

In other words there has to be an algorithm that gauges economic activity by humans and offsets it such as carbon tax. An ethics algorithm. This is proof of ethics ( POE) which is encoded within the payments system and is updated in each block in real time and is shared in the ledger to each node. Satoshi pioneered privacy transactions that didn’t require the trust of a third party such as the bank. He proved that it could be done. We have the technology but its now outdated and insufficient to meet the needs of this age.

The weakness is that there is no model of it being used to determine or change human behavior. All we have done is create a global currency that doesnt require a third party to manage it. Like a bank. But the formulas and mathematics behind it and its ethos is primitive and out of step with where we are as the human race today.

We believe we have solved this problem with the understanding of the principles of the equilibrium of ethics. These are the algorithms that will be programmed into this new coin.

Here they are :

4. The Six Principles of the Equilibrium

What determines life on Earth? What principles of ethics support all living beings on Earth? What have we learned by our behavior up until now? How can we save the planet from a mutually assured destruction? Armageddon. What determines ethics for humanity? Where does exploitation meet extinction?

1. Fresh Air : To begin. Without oxygen from plants and trees and plankton of the oceans humanity and most of life could not survive longer than 10 minutes. We have been told to reduce our carbon emissions yet we all eat meat and fish and use fossil fuels. Each day we come closer to the end of the world through our own greed and stupidity. If we cut down the rainforest in the Amazon we change the weather and wind patterns and even the rainfall patterns in other continents. Human activity that encourages this destructive behavior and misuse of fossil fuels and over consumption of meat and fish through over fishing of the oceans is unethical and ignorant. This negative activity should incur taxation to reduce or mitigate as should factories that pollute and poison our air. Someone needs to pay for it to be cleaned up.

The air that we breathe is not free.

2. Clean Water : Two thirds of the Earth is water like the human body. Without clean drinkable water we cannot survive longer than 10 days. More and more we are poisoning our drinking waters and reducing them through desertification and over farming .

25% of the worlds fresh water supply comes from the Amazon yet the world is not protecting it from burning or being abused by cattle ranchers and gold miners. A hamburger costs 1500 liters of fresh water to put on your plate. It all comes back to you and me. What we eat, what we drink , what we consume. Water is life.

Mni Wiconi” … WATER…Without it we all die!The industries or persons that poison or deplete our supplies should pay for it. No more free rides.

The sad part of it is that we are all guilty in a small or a bigger way. Nevertheless to prove good behavior we need to create a system that punishes bad behavior. Unethical behavior. But how do we prove it? By consent or by surveillance? Do we become eco fascists to save the Earth? No. We must do it by consent because trust is given and must be given not taken. It must be a consensual act governed by algorithms and the enlightened.

We do not require an overthrow of government and its structure we simply replace the concept. We become the NEW in the shadow of the old and compost the system that is broken. We compost anarcho capitalism by utilising the nutrients of the old to feed into the new way. This is glocalism not globalism. Natural security not national security. Water belongs to everyone on the planet.

3. Organic Food: It is said .. you are what you eat… but what about you are HOW you eat? If we are mindful about the pesticides,insecticides, plastics ( all by products of oil companies) and chemicals and hormones that go into our foods and how they are consumed we begin to understand.

Without good food we cannot survive for more than 100 days. The poisons that cause cancers and heart disease all come from our air, water and food. It is time we ask ourselves the question… is eating cheap that cheap? What about genetically modified foods? What does that all do to our biological system over time and the environment? Already the bee populations of Europe and America have been enormously depleted due to the poisons we are putting on the ground or in the soil. This must change. Without bees we cannot pollinate . And without pollination there is no fruit. And no more food. That why we must start demanding organically grown food in our supermarkets. That’s ETHICAL! Bee -live!

4. Green Energy: Once upon a time we nearly fished out all the whales in the world. Their blubber oil was used in lamps. Then finally at the last moment in 1896 the whales were saved by the discovery of oil. But over the last century we have used so much fossil fuels such as oil, gas, methane and coal that our climate has changed. Ice caps are melting. The oceans have become acidified. Coral bleached. More earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Hurricanes.More air pollution and depletion of the ozone layer. And what about all of the rest? But without energy from somewhere we all die. We can live without the sun if we have a source of energy to keep us warm and produce light to grow plants. But we cant keep burning a resource that robs from our future. Like blubber. So we need to turn to alternative fuels, alternative energies. Wind, water, fusion, solar, thermal, bio-gas, gravitational, blue diesel. We can and must use alternatives or we will become extinct within 100 or so years. Fossil fuels and their industries must be replaced like the whales or we all go extinct. We need environomical thinking to save humanity and all life on this planet. We need more green energy not less.

5. Health & Wellbeing:

If anything this current crisis of covid 19 has taught us that without our health we cannot function. Without good health and wellbeing life becomes unbearable, untenable and unsustainable.

Pharmaceutical companies like oil companies profit on medicines and health care that heals our bodies and deals with the effects of our unethical behavior for which we are all guilty. Our Health is our Wealth.

If we have alternative medicines and therapies and lifestyles we CAN live longer, better and more effectively. If we eat healthy food and drink clean water and breathe fresh air we live better and more healthier active lives. Its that simple. If we are not over consuming and consuming poison we also do our little bit to ensure our common survival as a species. Already we can look at the Earths blue zones and see it is possible to live longer.

Blue zones are areas of the planet where all these factors are in play. If we abuse our bodies consciously ,or unconsciously we pay for it sooner or later …and we all suffer as a result. It is time to live better by loving ourselves more.

If we are happier and healthier we all survive in a more ethical way ;able to work , play and live more fulfilling lives. It really is up to us because there is just us. Any economic system should factor this in to its overall strategy. Health, healing an wellbeing is as vital an industry as the production of food or energy.

6. Ubuntu

Ubuntu meanscommunity!” Ubuntu is relationships. Ubuntu is the understanding of the other.-“OTHERNESS!” Without it we are lost as a civilization and doomed to failure.

Ubuntu means I am because you ARE …and YOU are or exist because I AM!

Without caring and sharing our resources with one another we live self centered,disconnected and empty lives. Without direction or meaning. Without hope. We remain in a primal state of unconsciousness and ignorance and live purely by power , fear and control. No empathy and no compassion. This in essence is atavism or reversion to our neanderthal states.. and it has no place in our New Earth Order/(NEO). To reach this mutual egalitarianism we must embrace a natural security that comes from a social contract with all sentient beings and our human society. World Peace if you will…

Therefore, should we not respect the importance of bees, flowers, seeds,sun,trees,wind and rain and animals and everything that makes up the living natural world …humanity is doomed to fail in its endeavors ,and its common survival on this beautiful blue and green planet Earth. Going to Mars is admitting we have failed on Earth.

It is therefore our sacred duty, and moral responsibility to ensure we conserve and protect our environment ; and the people around us by developing special and sacred relationships with each other and the natural world.

Relationships of trust, communication, understanding , love and respect. This is ethical. This is human. This is the real Oneness. This is true survival. And this is the ethics of the determination of the new economy as expressed by the vision in this whitepaper. The algorithms of dynamic and real change.

5. Consensus

In the blockchain as postulated with the bitcoin and most crypto currencies that are listed we have the issue of trust confirmed by a ledger without human interference.

No third party is required. But now we are about to enter into a new era of technology. AI or artificial intelligence. 5G and AI na world wide wifi is upon us.

But for the new digital economy to work it needs a system of consensus that agrees on how each user is taxed or rewarded. How do you do that?

For this I cite my own experience in a peace movement that has circled the globe for the last 50 years. The Rainbow family of Living Light. (see Ref below)

It has no leaders and no need of banks or offices or administration yet it is able to self organise and operate without much infrastructure in remote places of the planet. Decisions are made by everyone in consensus. Everyone has equal power and equal rights. There is little or no racism or nepotism nor sexism or powermongering. The structure of this organism relies on the right of the individual to police him or herself and if this is not possible the tribe collectively takes responsibility. No state or hierarchy is required. No dictators or kings. No machines. Not only does it work, it is human. It is ethical and it is ecological as much as is possible.

Everyone participates in their own welfare and wellbeing. But is this Utopia possible in a world still struggling with its own duality? Between good and evil, between right and wrong?

Yet we trust in the Ubuntu to do the right thing because it belongs to all of us.

If proof of ethics is a peer- to- peer cooperative agreed consensus it must be exactly that. Transaction by transaction. It cannot be any other way. Because when a transaction is concluded it is an agreed consensus. Its impact is upon the whole. It is a holistic approach because that is what ethics is. And no one can govern that but the algorithms and the parties involved in transacting. The sender and the receiver. If therefore the sender or seller sells something at a price that includes a transaction tax, the buyer or receiver must also agree to it. If the algorithm mandates the tax because of the nature of the transaction it is because both parties agree it is a good thing to do something good for the “Equilibrium”. By Equilibrium I mean the quotient of life and its composite formulas and algorithms that sustains optimum survival on planet Earth.

This formula or equation is preprogrammed by the simple question…

Is it ethical ?

In other words does it follow the 6 guiding principles that create optimum survival of all living beings on Earth? The governance system is nodal and like the mycellium it is a network of nodes communicating with each other and creating the equation from these multiple factors and formulas. This is consensus. A quotient of answers that balance everything out like a ledger in favor of life. Life for all.

6. Rewarding Good Deeds : Incentivisation

Not everyone will understand how proof of ethics /poe works unless they do it or practise it in their daily lives.

By rewarding a good action person to person we prove the concept. Its an algorithm. If we dont programme the algorithms for the new digital economy the machine will do it without humans… and thats bad.

And they will tax everything good or bad without consideration. There is no incentive to do good. And certainly no trust. What kind of world will that be to live in? It will be a fascist one.

Thats why this coin rewards ethical conduct and best business practices with Awoosha coins or “Blisses”( decimal points like satoshi).

For example you see a complete stranger doing something good for the community by sweeping the sidewalk. No body is paying him to do so. He simply wants to do it. In this “tokenomy” we reward this on the spot if we so wish. Not the state. Not the council. The person. You and me. We are both the rewarders and the volunteers. POE is therefore a system of volunteerism. “ I bliss you brother- here’s 100 blisses ..thanks for sweeping that dirty sidewalk!”

The ledger records and rewards all good deeds with coins. Voluntarily. But it is also the Ubuntu that does so. The eco system. This also includes ambassadorship. An ambassador is someone who turns someone on to the system by educating that person on how to create a wallet and make a transaction. This too is rewarded as proof of ethics by the algorithm. In this way we all win.

7. Airdropping

There are 7.5 billion people on the planet. Half have smart phones and two thirds understand the internet. But in Africa half the people earn less than 2USD a day and live in poverty with no access to electricity, education or empowerment. To solve this problem we will create nodes or exchanges which will distribute regional and local airdrops with each download of a wallet from the Magic Hat or the Global Solidarity Fund ( GSF).

Offline and unbanked persons in Africa are the biggest challenge to development on the continent and elsewhere in the developing world. A special effort is required to bring these unbanked into a world in which everyone has a chance. This is how we will empower and liberate humanity.

eg. This particular problem can be solved from village to village by mapping grid nodes in the mycellium or digital tiles across the surface of the planet that are adopted by the Ubuntu. We can give away and create a new economy is people know what this economy is and how to use it. This is possible with the right airdrop strategy.

Awoosha.io pledges total inclusivity of the world. We will make poverty history.

8. Timetable

Stage One : Beta Mode

In the first instance when the token is created we will airdrop 100 coins to each person on our Earth or 50% of all “AWO” Coins and Blisses.

Each person that lives today and for the next 20 years will get 100 AWO. If we estimate that at 10 billion over the next few years this will constitute the mining. Each person can apply once. This will consist of half of the coins and will never be sold on the open market.

15% will be held in a magic hat fund (MHF) and will be distributed by consensus of the admin team or council. All of this will be transparent and everyone in the eco system will get to vote on each matter if they so wish or to submit their own suggestions. All transaction taxes paid will go into the magic hat or the GSF.

15% will be held by the founders of awoosha and the admin team but cannot be sold in the first 5 years of the issuing of the coin.

20 % of the coin will be released into the market for speculation. This will determine the market value of the token and give investors a chance to support the project. In total 2 trillion AWOOSHA or AWO coins will be issued. Enough to create and support the next 20 years of life on Earth(or more) and the eco system we hope to create for our common survival. And that will depend on whether we have succeeded to save our planet and humanity from ourselves. By then we may not even need money. Beta is the first year of operating. We hope this will take place by year 2022.

Stage Two : Alpha Mode

Airdrop to first million ambassadors. The concept is proven and we scale up by completing mapping of the Earth and planting enough nodes to distribute more coins. Once that grid is in place and nodes, its just a matter of time before we are able to distribute most of the coins if not all. We estimate 5 years to distribute half and eight years to distribute all. In the first 5 years we will also prove the validity of the 6 principles and if it is adopted by enough users. ( Year 2022-2027)

Stage Three : Omega Mode

This is the final stage of rolling out this system. In the next 5 years of the 10 year plan we start distributing the magic hat fund money to create communities , alternative energy plants , transport systems , healing centers and academies of learning. We call this “power”stage or empowerment stage. It is the act of making poverty in every sense …history.

PUHPOWEE “-where the new life thrust through the final stage from darkness into the light! (Year 2025-2035)

9. Platforms and value

Practically we will use Ether 2 and list initially on UNISWAP. We will use the mini mask wallet until our programmers upgrade. We will use the Lightning or stellar network. As we increase our footprint and distribution we will be listed on all the exchanges. Admin of awoosha.io will be a Swiss “verein” or association.

AWO coins will be accepted throughout Africa and any other place that believes in the ethos of the project. We will not set prices or control our prices but will let the rates fluctuate with the free market as the eco system grows organically. Only a total of 20 to 30 % of the total value will be available for sale in the first 5 years.

10. Conclusion

It seems impossible until its done!” Nelson Mandela

The main problem we see today with what is out there right now is the following:

1. Transactions are too slow and use too much energy. ( Bitocoin especially) . Many coins are not safe to use and have a low security protocol. On the other hand wallets and tokens should be easy to use and transact with and USER friendly. And each transaction is cumbersome and complex.

2. The value system of most coins follow a speculative approach that doesn’t benefit the end user or the planets biome. Any global currency should be traded yet ehtically traded properly to create real impact and real value. To humanity as a whole.

This is what we are proposing.

3. Governments and banking institutions as well as global multi nationals will find ways to control the flow of money unless it is in the hands of all the people. It must therefore reach those people. That’s who half of all tokens are allocated for free distribution.

The awoosha international credit / IC system seeks to solve these challenges by airdropping tokens to every person on the planet.

It will be an inclusive, fast, safe, private and decentralised system of trade between people who believe there is another way to do business and create better practices that are good for the Earth and good for everyone on it! We hope that by changing how we think about money and the consumption of goods and services we will be able to create a better world for our children.

One that is sustaining life not destroying it. This is not socialism but a free market system with ethics. Its human. Its volunteerism… And it is tried and tested system of governance.

Like bitcoin it operates on a consensus mechanism but with algorithms that ensure transactions are equitable and ethical. The transactions reward good behavior and good deeds that save the planet from a potential future mass extinction event.

By becoming conscious of how we consume and what we do to each other ethically we will build a new society and a new earth that is awakened and awake to the vast potential that is within us all. We are great together. !The biggest crime against humanity is waste. Waste of lives through ignorance and division. Waste of chances and opportunities to make things right… waste of social interaction and friendships… waste of resources and possibilities…We have the technology now to solve these and other challenges that lay ahead for all of us.

It is up to the ones who choose this way of the heart to walk on this red road. To emerge from darkness into the light of the new day.


Thank you for reading and feel free to get in touch with me directly with any questions on the email above .



*Emergence or rising- the act of sudden rising from darkness into light.

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