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Leonard Peltier is currently serving two life terms and is the worlds LONGEST  serving "political prisoner". He has been in prison now for 44 years! A long time. His only crime is trying to defend himself according to the second amendment.There is clear evidence he did not get a fair trial and material evidence was doctored.

Throughout his incarceration he has maintained his innocence and has garnered the support of icons such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama. In recent times the world has watched as mass protests against the unlawful killing of George Floyd in police custody erupted on the streets of America.Racism cannot be tolerated in America and neither can corrupt justice or police brutality.

Leonard Peltier is seen by the FIRST NATIONS people as a HERO and a martyr to their cause and struggle for freedom.Much of the issues at hand are to do with land rights. The First Nations have never had a CHAMPION president willing to stand up for what is right and fair and just. We hope that is going to change if America is GREAT for all people of any race or creed.

If Mr. Peltier were to die in prison there is no way back towards reconciliation and justice for the native American- some of whom have fought side by side in many of Americans conflicts and wars around the world.

This will be held as a symbol of American IN justice not just in the United States, but around the world. The release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 gave us in South Africa a chance at nation building and HEALING in the aftermath of our apartheid years.

The evidence in the case of Mr.Peltier has shown there is REASONABLE  DOUBT  as to his part in the murder of two FBI agents on Pine Ridge Reservation. Amnesty International has also on human rights grounds asked for the release of this man from prison. But moving all this aside... there is a very good chance he is an innocent man.

President Obama despite his promises to the Lakota for his release and pardon DID NOTHING at all for the indigenous people or for their rights.

The mainstream media and the Democrat party have labelled President Trump as RACIST, uncaring and UNFEELING towards the grievances of the indigenous FIRST NATIONS people of America. The First Nations have been forgotten over the years and ignored. We are fighting a war not just against an invisible enemy of a virus from China, but also a virus from within. We need to build bridges and bring hope to the forgotten.

The signed  agreements with Washington too have been violated (particularly the Laramie  Treaty of 1868). Mr. President never more so than now is it necessary to say to the 5.2 million Native American Indians and the world:


FREE LEONARD PELTIER AND YOU WILL HAVE THE UNDYING GRATITUDE OF THE FIRST NATIONS PEOPLES of America and every freedom loving person in the WORLD..because... WE ARE THE WORLD. Do what no other president has done...MR PRESIDENT  PARDON HIM! It is the right thing to do.

I thank you

Robin Denton


South Africa.