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We are all born on this planet as human beings together, and there is no place better than another.


The Earth and its oceans are our common homes. How many saints and prophets,wanderers and sinners have walked the deserts and forests, plains and hills looking for a peaceful place to rest their bones and find enlightenment and content. To find a place to cultivate and to keep their souls. To find peace.


But PEACE begins within you.


Modern and past societies put us all in a mind constructs that keeps us perpetually mentally enslaved. The whole world is our home and humanity is our family. There is a difference between homelessness and houselessness. Homelessness is a state of mind. It is so easy to become attached to things, property and responsibilities and lose sight of what is important. And what is that ? Spirituality, sovereignty, society,self determination and self empowerment. Its a lot of self but in order to love others you have to learn to love yourself.


That doesn't mean we have to live in a world that encourages self interest and self gratification. You are not better because of your successes or more happy because you have more money. True happiness should emanate from within as you connect with your inner man and your inner soul. The less we are attached to this world , the more we become free within. If you find success and you are able to help others more who are less fortunate than yourself, the more happy you will become. Because deep down it is in our nature to help others and want those you encounter to be without unhappiness and poverty. If you have nothing material to give others that doesnt make you worse of a person either or less of a human being. It is your intention that is important and your desire. If your desire and intention and will and prayer is to see humankind ,and in fact all life to be balanced and in harmony with each other and the Creator you will naturally attract the light to come to you.


Our common challenge in society is to overcome the philosophy of prejudice and greed that causes so much suffering and pain in the world.


When we talk about homelessness we talk about HOUSELESSNESS. Shelter. Because next to food and air and water and clothing… shelter is vital for everyone. When you see people living on the streets and in their cars, living in America and Britain and elsewhere… refugees without a place to rest or lay their head… especially when there is an abundance of housing and land .. everywhere… and wealth … it is a tragedy. If I think about people living on the streets in the cold and constantly moved on by the police and beaten up or assaulted by passers by… who turn to drugs and alcohol and become mentally ill and stuck in a cycle of confusion and disorientation… that isnt homelssness… thats post and present traumatic stress syndrome or disorder. For some this journey of confusion and disorientation leads to an early death due to lack of good hygiene or sleep or diet...or the circumstances they are living in. To be on the streets doing the basic things like washing or eating can be an entire mission… that takes all your energy and will… Just staying alive in a society that rejects and hates you for being dirty or jobless, that is a travesty. The problem with homelessness whther it be in America or a society that is emotionally incapable of helping or reaching out to their fellow human being… why? Because these disheveled miscreants as they are perceived as the trigger of the mirror and the fear that is afraid to engage and afraid to look within their own hearts.


And the problem doesnt go away magically with the wave of your wand… or by warehousing the vagabonds in industrial prisons that do little to rehabilitate and restore humpty dumpty back to his former glory.


With the lack of compassion and empathy ,love ,forgiveness and grace. With the lack of abundance of spirit and generosity of heart … society becomes poorer. It is not socialism to care for your neighbour and the wellbeing of a stranger. It is common sense. Like the mycellium , the plants that are healthy are the ones that are being fed with nutrients.


It is time to nurture people like we water the plants in our gardens. There is an abundance of land available all over the world to create new earth communities. Communities s that practise the principles and values we hold dear in our hearts. In fact we do not lose by ensuring the health of the community as a whole. We gain. We profit. This is not socialism its plain accountancy. Sending a person to jail or to a mental hospital costs much more than providing services and facilities that actually do some good to people who are living in trauma every in stress ..everyday… living in fear… every day… where survival means you have to commit a crime or do something that harms your spirit and soul like prostitution. That's violence. Thats a crime. Helping your fellow man is ensuring public safety and societal wellbeing. Measuring law and order on the yardstick of a system that benefits off the suffering of its citizens is a false narrative. We can solve the social ills of our societies by looking out for each other and loving one another. Healing comes through dialogue, truth and reconciliation through transparency , forgiveness and understanding.


Each community you help to build and create becomes your home and your island of light.


Each relationship you build and develop empowers YOU. Even if that relationship is a random act of kindness. We are gregarious beings. We like being around each other. We come to the cities not for the clean air and water… but for the opportunity and chance to grow. Because only when we are challenged do we grow. Only when we reach out to others do we find what it is we seek...and learn the lesson we need to learn. Our societies need not be open prisons or surveillance states. Looking after the needs of each other is being human. And in our humanity we are ALL part of that conversation. We should not discriminate on the basis of our character or story, status or situation in life.


A shelter can be anything. It can be a beautiful triple story house or castle or mansion… or it could be a tent or a tipi , a yurt or a tiny home, an earth-ship or a dome. A home is where your heart is not your hat. Some of us are nomads, others are settlers.


Homelessness is a state of mind. We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with our experiences of this life on this planet. What we carry in our hearts in this reality is what we will take to the next. Your home and your anchor is all within you.


Lets build new communities seek to build sovereignty and sustainability, self empowerment and humanity.


The home we have is the home we carry. Homelessness is a state of mind.