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In 2016 a Swedish billionaire, Laszlo Szombatfalvy thought he would save a bit of money and use his fame and fortune to invite the sharpest minds on the planet to come up with a model to future proof our world against any and all possible scenarios. The prize was considerable and many applied their minds and came up with many new ideas.


In case you want to read up on it it is…


It was of course a complete and utter failure. least on the steering committee that awarded the prize could have possibly foreseen, or have the imagination to see the plague that was coming in 2020.


But now we are here and there is a workable future proofing model. Its called the Mycellium. Its a decentralized , autonomous and sovereign model that uses open source collectivism to innovate solutions for all humanity. Its called the Mycellium Model of Glocal Governance.


So how do we forward plan in the short-mid and long term?


First we look at the trends. We look at the forecasts...but we also look at what is changing and who is profiting from this pandemic.


The vast majority of people are very anxious, nervous and confused about what is happening. No one knows how long this crisis ...which is actually the first DEPRESSION in 90 years will last. But it will probably globally affect how business is done in the next 3 years. And that in turn will accelerate other sectors of the economy over the next decade.


We have all got a big wake up call to China. So much of the supply chains will try to mitigate and look at alternatives to buying from China in the future. Things like medicine and products that can be easily manufactured regionally will be strategically made. But when it comes to 5G and AI ...China is already far advanced. Technologically speaking they have already seen the concept of collectivism and are already using the techniques of the mycellium by using open sourcing instead of proprietary software. We will see them suffer but survive this crisis. They need raw materials from Africa and they will continue to be involved in the developing world in a powerful way.


The banning of Chinese tech companies will not have a long term effect overall since it needs a coalition of the willing to stop it. Huawei is already years ahead of anyone. They invested enormous sums to advance the technology against all of its competitors. We can only hope and pray for democratic reform instead of world war. In the end its the economy stupid. The whole world will move towards collectivism as rampant unbridled capitalism and consumerism will end once mega corporations take over the world. But they too must bend to the will of the people and share their bounty with us all.


So what should we invest in ?


1. LAND . FOOD security alongside medical security will be paramount to future proof our lives from hardships, famine and economic collapse of supply chains.


2. METALS . Precious metals such as gold and silver will always be in demand in a depression as money becomes worthless. Just like the wheel barrows of the 30s… we cannot rely on the stock markets. A big crash is coming.


3. HEALTH & WELLBEING . As mental and emotional health breaks down from lockdowns and anti social distancing continues we will need to travel for LONGER periods rather than shorter. People will think before they travel if they have to quarantine for 14 days. Without having flexibility to change at no cost their tickets … confidence will drop in flying at all.


Airline companies are going to go bankrupt as the demand slows. People will want to travel for longer and to do something therapeutic or volunteer for projects that will take them away from the misery of living under house arrest.


4. LOGISTICS . Jeff Bizos made BIG money (10 billion dollars extra month)from covid 19 as did a lot of tech companies like ZOOM which is a new kid on the block. We need to buy everything online...but WHO will deliver it?


5. EDUCATION & TUITION With more people with extra time on their hands they will need to occupy their minds with more than porn and netflix and social media. Many people will start their own businesses online or retrain to become online educators or operators.


The whole world is changing and changing fast.


I could go on. ENERGY security will also be vital to keep the wheels moving on the economy… but this will also mean renewables like solar and wind power will become more and more mainstream. TECHNOLOGY and software apps will also become more and more personalised to monetise our daily activity in a completely different way. Now you work for free on facebook and make them money… but in the future… you will get paid. Things like this.


And as we all get 5G and STARLINK and Artificial Intelligence will create new jobs and also take some. Universal Basic Income will become probably one of the only ways to future proof the global economy as whole countries collapse under the weight of mounting debt and unemployment. Most economies will be digitalised and crypto currency will replace FIAT or cash by 2035. Yes...we are heading for one world economic order just as Gordon Brown the British PM predicted in 2008. The BIG tech companies are too big to fail now and too powerful to be broken up. They can only be partly nationalised to create this UBI for all and make a more equitable society for all. Either way they have to pay more taxes to the people. It is becoming a monopoly with the ability to censor and rule like any parliament. That must end.


But if Armageddon comes tomorrow or a nuclear winter or sure to have a small vegetable patch in your garden to keep you going and a good fresh water source. You never know… indeed to be sure… create micro communities and eco villages that embrace the philosophy of collectivism… because at the end of the day… we ALL need each other !