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Madonna had a song called...MATERIAL GIRL... in the same melody could sing the same song but swap the words to say... "we are living in a post covid world. "And you would be right... the only problem is ..we are all still waking up to the "NEW NORMAL" in 2020. God help us all!!!



Just like a post apocalyptic dystopian world of flying machines and aliens and burnt out buildings and cars out of some mad max movie… no… that's not where we are right now. But one thing is sure… nothing will ever be the same.

The reason you may be feeling frustrated, confused or angry is probably because it doesnt seem that normality will return any time soon...if ever to our world as it is today.

Its like someone who wakes up to find out he or she has lost a limb and tries to walk. At the moment the world is still in a state of shock and disbelief. Prices of air flights have gone up… borders are still closed along with schools and some businesses… and everything seems to be on hold in limbo land.

We are adjusting and adapting to this new paradigm shift of consciousness of not travelling so much or at all anymore… re educating and reconfiguring our lives to somehow get used to not shaking hands or kissing or hugging or having close contact … social distancing… although there is nothing social about distancing. It more like antisocial spacing out… and yet, there is hope. Hope that new relationships can be formed and old restored, hope that we can redesign our lives according to this new post covid reality, and hope that we can save the planet from climate change by consuming less hydrocarbons and polluting less by eating more healthy and living healthier lives.

So as we learn to hop along to this NEW song-"LIVING IN A POST COVID...POST COVID... WORLD.".. … we are beginning to realize also international relations are changing...some for the good and some for the bad.

America blames China for the virus and China feels it doesn't want to be pushed around by America. Or anyone else and has taken the doctrine of UNRESTRICTED whole new levels.. we are facing two economic visions and systems for the planet... one is the old way of capitalism and free enterprise.. and the other is a globalist socialist new world order... to live any other alternative way will require land and getting back to the land as soon as possible.

The end result is that we all need each other but this interconnectedness is going to change as supply chains start manufacturing regionally instead of continentally. Big factories may start using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and 5G to make products in North America or Europe…

TIME HAS RUN OUT and we are in the END GAME for planet Earth... national socialism is a dangerous philosophy... but one that may in fact over take how we interact with each other.

These giga factories and others will secure the supply chain competitively over the next 10 years. Essential medicines will be manufactured closer to home instead of in far away china… and agricultural produce also will be produced more regionally than imported great distances. The whole global economy will become more and more digitalised as initiative like 5G and STARLINK , drones and self driving cars come online. ROAD AND RAIL TRANSPORT will replace AIR transport and even SEA transport will be reduced over the next decade.

What many people dont realise is that the WEST profited more than CHINA since 1989. Any product whether its an APPLE phone or whatever… still has maximum profits for the retailer than the manufacturer. Jack MA of ALIBABA noted this when Chine got criticised for its efforts.


So what can we do ?


1. DONT PANIC BUT BE CAREFUL. ( You may get it sooner or later...but eventually..youll get it. So dont panic...but be careful of your hygiene. )

2. GO ONLINE AND REEDUCATE. Get online. Get a course going that will bring you an additional income.

3. REALISE WE ARE LIVING IN A POST COVID WORLD. Dont compare what you earn today with what you earned yesterday.

4. TRAVEL LESS AND ONLY WHEN NECESSARY. You can do almost everything nowadays using zoom and google meet. You dont need to burn co2 to fly everywhere. Find your little piece of heaven wherever you are and cultivate your garden.

5. APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY . We have whatsapp, messenger and other social media sites that can empower you. And what does it cost to pick up the phone and talk to mum.​?


To summarise. Dont panic. Carry on regardless and find somewhere that is self sufficient or has the possibility to be self sufficient .