1. What is Earthoceans.org ?

We are an online platform dedicated to changing consumer buying habits through ethical trading and enlightened education.

2. Who can benefit?

Anyone. We aspire to be a sustainable; open source; informational and decentralized organization run by the agreed consensus of all it’s members. Traders can participate through our partnership program. Fans or supporters can purchase our products or services or donate to the cause of this consumer revolution. Volunteers can get involved by spreading the word researching, scouting or by sustainability management. Anyone can join the revolution!

3. How does it work?

As a partner trader you will APPLY the formula we use in determining our standards… which are: fair to the earth; fair to the people and FAIR SHARE ! These are all basic permaculture principles.

        We will offer a free webinar on how the organization works and how to make yourself ethically compliant so you can use our brand and logo on your product or service

We will offer our customer base to each partner once they are inducted as a partner member.

Customers are more than customers; they are our fan base. Our friends. Our comrades!

We don’t just see clients as someone to convince at all costs…we see our supporters as human beings and brothers and sisters in arms in our struggle to make a difference in the world today. 

We don’t hard sell our products! ALL our products and services come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

What we offer is:

  4. TRUST

Ethics are our ethos. We give our fans/customer/members a good deal- not just for themselves – but for
everyone involved- including the environment! Everyone. We are all valued members of the new economy.

What our stakeholders are buying into is our philosophy of doing business and consuming ethically – plus they get a great deal that benefits  them in every way!

4. How do you prevent fraudulent behavior?

Because we are an online community and an organization of membership we work very much on a trust pilot system like most online platforms do today.

Abusive or fraudulent behavior can be picked up very easily and quickly by our moderators and bots.

We also take any complaint seriously to ensure the highest quality standards are upheld.

5. What is your business model?

We earn our money in the following ways :

1. The sale of our branded product range eg argan oil.
2. 5% handling/admin commission of every product or service sold through our platform.
3. Annual membership fees from our partner members.
4. Donations from angel investors.
5. Corporate sustainability events; workshops; seminars and venues and public
6. Corporate or Private and foundational sponsorship and funding.
7. Merchandising of our branded products – t-shirts-caps –books etc
8. Online advertising .

6. Why do you call yourself EARTHOCEANS?

Our biosphere we call planet Earth is likened to a biological computer.

Like the structure of a human being it requires both proportions and balance to sustain life-formulae…mathematical formulae. It is all an intelligent, mathematically governed design.

We understood that both humanity and the planet are interrelated. Linked.

The Earth needs the Oceans like the Body needs Blood & Water. Both are around two thirds water- one third Earth. No coincidence.

We realized that everything is interlinked to the wellbeing of all life on Earth.

The wind; the rain; the trees and the weather patterns are all affected by Humankinds activities on the planet. Everything.

We also realized the best way to restore the planet to its Equilibrium was to change HOW we consume.

We understood that we had to rebalance and realign the activity and the behavior of humans through new best business and consumer practices.

We are ALL interconnected … this is not a simulation nor an accident or caprice of nature.

What we do or don’t do matters. This is our core value and our ethos.

The Earth like the body cannot survive without the oceans and its waters and vice versa.
It is all symbiotic.

We can rebalance and purify the Earth – and its Oceans through ethical trade and sustainable management for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. It can be done.

Our organization is an association of members. EARTHOCEANS.ORG wishes to reconfigure the mathematical formulas that are destroying our planet by changing our buying habits.

Will you join us? Will you join the revolution? Will you be the change you want to see?

7. How can I JOIN the revolution?

Firstly; by thinking positive!

We can adapt to the new paradigms. It’s still not too late to do so. But it will require changes in the economic systems and the philosophy of doing business and what we consume.
Together we must endeavour to compost capitalism and be the NEW in the shadow of the old. This is the silent; decentralized revolution of the 99%. We are in fact ALL in it together … even the 1%. We can all make small changes together by being conscious of what we are buying each day and WHO we are supporting with our money.



“Good for the Earth- Good for Everyone!”