Activity set “Triangle”



Thematic set “Triangle” for children 1-4 years old.

The set includes tasks for the development of fine motor skills, thinking, attention, memory and imagination. Performing interesting tasks, the child will easily remember such a geometric figure as a square and learn to distinguish it from others.

Tasks that are included in the kit:

Circle objects of a triangular shape. Lay out a triangle of counting sticks.

Fill the shapes to fit. Put robots in a triangular house of the desired color.

Templates for working with Gyenesh Blocks.

Color only the triangles. Find a pair.

Lay the triangle with pebbles, plasticine, etc. Draw triangles.

Glue triangular road signs.

Glue the tents of a triangular shape.

Save the caterpillar from the bird – hide it under triangular leaves of different sizes. Idea for application.



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