Activity with numbers houses



When teaching a child an account, it is very important that he well understands the composition of the number. Understanding the composition of the number is the basis for a child’s successful development of mathematical calculations.

It is important that benefits of this kind are used not at the beginning of training in the composition of the number, but at the final stage – consolidation. It’s better to start explaining the composition of a number using counting material.

The manual “Composition of numbers” Houses “I made in several versions:

For girls and boys – in these houses on the roofs pictures for coloring. The child paints things, recounts and puts a roof on top with a suitable number. Then, in the windows, he selects the numbers for the composition of the number.

Also there are just houses with numbers on the roof. And there are houses with an empty window and without a window.
I also made the same houses with a window and without, but without a background, to save ink when printing.

How to play?

When playing with a child, you offer him one of the houses and ask him to count the pictures on the roof (they can be painted over), and then cover the pictures with a roof with such a figure (this technique teaches the child to count and correlate the number with the figure).

Then you offer the child cut numbers (everything is not needed, at least in the first stages of education) and tell him that as many people live on each floor as the number says on the roof.

And give an example, if you have a house with the number 4 on the roof, then put the number 1 on the first floor in one window, and ask: “How many more people live on this floor?” The child should put the number 3 in the next window. Then fill also another floor with another combination, but in the total of which there are also 4, for example, 2 + 2. When the child understands the principle, he will fill all the windows himself.



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