What gets you motivated ? What is your life story all about ? How can to break through these blockages? How to break out of the prison you feel yourself in ?
I am offering personal one -to -one online motivational webinars to get you moving again. Out if stagnation. And to resurrect your MOJO! Your reason for being. Your purpose.
Feeling stuck,  exhausted , tired , frustrated or confused ? Angry …Want some clarity ? Want some change ?
Do you need the medicine or the medication ?
I am offering you online personal life coaching and motivation tuition. Each session is designed to wake up the lion heart in you. What secrets I share with you you will not read of in any book ,or learn in any university , college or school.
I will listen to you in complete confidence, patience , honesty and integrity….
And without judgement!
My background and experience:
 I have experienced total loss,financial failure, false imprisonment, illness , insanity, poverty,rage, disability, divorce, substance abuse, stress, bullying,threats against my life,ostrasisation, exile, rejection, physical and spiritual trauma, PTSD ,mental and emotional  breakdowns and suicidal thoughts.
 I have been in the heart of darkness and come into the light. I have lived in the shadows ,and fought the good fight. And I wish to share my lessons with you.
 Besides all that qualifies me from the book of hard knocks , love, sexuality and life ..I am trained in art, drama , creative writing , poetry , shaolin kung fu, philosophy, religion, advanced  psychology and cultural anthropology.  I have travelled, lived and worked in more than 120 countries around the world over a 35 year period.
 I have accomplished the impossible , the miraculous and the wonderful because of the lessons I have learned from many teachers , masters , saints and amazing human beings. That is my life. Let me help you to become the best you.
If I can’t help you…nobody can !
50 Euro per session of 40 minutes.


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