“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Essentially,  that is good advice for anyone who doesnt have much to start off with. Every successful project starts off with what you have. 

That could be just an idea or a dream or a vision that is fueled by boundless optimism. 

You dont need much more except the willingness to work hard and smart. The more committed you are ,the more the world around you sees that you are serious in your endeavours.

“The universe conspires for those who have desire !” Rainbowheart

All projects are there to create consciousness. To inspire and inform and to empower all we touch to achieve their personal sovereignty.  Doing something impossible is fun. It is like a wonderful unpredictable great adventure.

Our projects are a labour of love that happen because of the great people involved in them. At earthoceans our core ethos is all about self empowerment.

Our big idea is to create an emporium of projects, products and services to revolutionise consumerism. HOW we buy and WHY we buy, is as important as WHAT we buy or consume.If we do it with ethics and love we could just restore the Earth to its equilibrium one day. This is the greatest project of all- and it involves all of humanity and every living thing.

“If it can be imagined,  it can be created. “