Rainbow Theater Company


The Rainbow Theater Company 2020 “to be love in action , to shine our light to the world!”

Our Vision:

To create a dynamic mobile theater company that travels around bringing light, laughter and love to all who feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life . We want to use drama to bring hope and inspiration to those people who need it.


In 2006 in the Sinai desert in Egypt a small vision circle was convened in a cave in a place called Bir El Ugda. It was here that the vision was created to manifest a mobile theatre in the tradition of the troubadours or wandering minstrels of England and Languedoc. To create a mobile stage to perform all kinds of art forms , music and dance in a public setting. Travelling from village to village. Town to town. Port to port. Like the troubadours of old ,the rainbow family would travel all over the world spreading messages of hope and healing through the performing arts. To be love in action. The vision has incubated until now. Ready to be birthed in a tribe of butterfly people willing to nurture it into being. A Short Description: The Rainbow Theater Co. will use various venues to perform including mobile stages, cinemas, halls, outdoor platforms etc. We will use the performing arts, poetry, storytelling, clowning and fun to communicate our message of peace and love to all the citizens of all the Earth. Drama is a great tool of empowerment and can be used to transform anger and frustration into reconciliation and redemption. Theater has been used throughout the ages to tell stories , educate and entertain young and old alike with comedy,romance and everyday existence. It is our intention to engage with people at grassroots level without discrimination or prejudice . We are an inclusive mobile theater company that serves the greater community in of here and beyond….

Funding Requirements:

The Rainbow Theater Company is aiming to be an international cooperative with many branches but one root. Wherever and whenever. That is within the context of the Rainbow Family of Living Light worldwide. Coceating with each other to make life beautiful. It is all about spreading peace, love and light and smiles to everyone we touch. Our initial requirements will be for a venue to bring artists together to practice and perfect their skills. We will need to work with writers,musicians and actors to produce plays of excellence. Once we have secured our first venue we hope to acquire a “Rainbow Bus” to tour throughout the region from village to village. We will also need to develop a good website with IPTV to market the theater productions…as well as advertising tools such as posters , fliers etc. Our biggest cost will be in renting a mobile stage which will also double as a trailer which can be towed. Every sponsor will have a lifetime membership to the theatre granting full access too all the facilities worldwide if any of our rainbow theatres. Welcome home!

A short Biography on the founders: Paul Denton is a South African who studied drama for 3 years with world renowned Argentinian teacher Sergio Amigo, (who is also the owner of the Theater Bookshop in London). As a boy growing up in Cape Town he loved the thespian arts which he learned from his teacher Jay Heale. He acted in Oliver and in Everyman aged 13. His love for drama also expressed itself in movies and writing screenplays. He spent 2 years in Hollywood pursuing that dream.

Mr. Denton has written 3 plays ( The Importance of Being Perfect, I am Man, I am Messiah and Sun City) – he is currently working on a new play entitled “ Vuka Arik”. Mr. Denton is a poet,writer and peacemaker who was active in the South African Apartheid struggle and has done much over the last 30 years to fight for international human rights and justice. He studied law, international relations and financial management and has wide experience in the region having organized the first Rainbow gatherings in Jordan and Egypt. His vision is to see people in the Middle East living together as brothers and sisters. He saw how powerful a tool drama can be to change how we think and feel about life . The Rainbow theater is not a “ normalization” tool but rather is there to describe an alternative reality ;to be a voice for the voiceless .His role in the Rainbow theater is as producer , marketer and organizer.

Skype: earthoceans +447423714007

Alex Korshever is a Ukrainian born graduate of International Relations of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He is fluent in English,Russian and Hebrew . He has volunteered in various environmental and social justice projects. He currently works as an on-line teacher with young adults giving lessons in Astronomy. He truly believes that drama can be a powerful tool of reflection and a transformation for good. His contributions to the project are administrative,research and networking. His vision for the Rainbow Theater is that we can all learn to co-exist under the same tent , to work for our children’s future together; and to share this common land.

Contact Details:


This group is for people interested to create a mobile rainbow theater to tour the Holy Land and beyond to bring awareness of life in this region. We want to use art, drama, music, poetry, storytelling and fun to ease the pain and the suffering of the peoples of this region of all faiths and denominations. We believe that through theatre we can bring some kind of light and hope for a land darkened by war and conflict. This is not and never will be a “normalization” tool but rather a way to get people to smile for awhile and forget their worries and troubles through drama. We already have a play we would like to perform about the return of the child king who restores the Earth to its former glory. We need your support to make rainbow theatre company a reality. If you wish to be a part of this project you can either donate in the magic hat or contact : realdenton@gmail.com .

Let’s make 2020 a year of 2020 clear vision!