Solar E-cycle



13 th January 2018- A Kenyan team this evening made history by safely arriving in Mombasa using 2 solar powered trikes, A trip that took 19 days on the road a distance of 619 kilometers from Nairobi.

On the 26th December 2018, after 4 months of hard work two solar powered vehicles made in Kenya at Strathmore University Energy Research Center set off to make history. The Solar E-Cycle team comprising of engineers, cyclists and entrepreneurs from Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Canada and England want to prove that this new technology has the capacity to revolutionize the way of life of ordinary Africans. Made by Africans for Africans. A project worth supporting.

The company designs and builds solar-powered light electric vehicles. They also set out originally to make the most inexpensive solar powered light electric vehicle that is also a power generator on wheels.

Their target is to make it accessible for $ 0.50 a day. It provides transportation, power, access to health, support to education and access finance while protecting the environment. Targeting off-grid communities it can fetch water and let the girls get to school, evacuate a patient, fetch a doctor, light homes and power the small business

Team Leader Mr. Robin Denton from South Africa said: “Its been an amazing but extremely tough journey so far an a great opportunity to showcase solar power. No one has ever traveled this far in East Africa with a solar powered vehicle. We are proving that it can be done. We are making history. The support of the public has been incredible and we are humbled by their generosity and good will! “

These two solar trikes are entirely powered by the sun and travel at a speed of around 40kmph. Traveling at distances of between 25 km to 75 km in a day they have visited local communities along the way to demonstrate what solar power can do to change the lives of ordinary people including Masai in Imbirikani. 

Everywhere they go curious people who have never seen such an incredible thing as a vehicle moving with solar energy surround them. In October this innovation won a 100 000 Euro prize in the VALEO INNOVATION CHALLENGE beating 1200 other projects from 676 universities in 107 countries around the world.

On 13th January at 18h30 the team safely completed a distance of 619km and landed in Mombasa

The current leg of the trip from Nairobi to Mombasa is the first in the Solar E-Trek Africa 2019 that plans to eventually reach Capetown. The Solar E-Trek Africa 2019 will serve to improve the design and make Africans aware of this environment friendly innovative transportation device during the trip. They acknowledged Bombardier, a multinational Aerospace and transportation company as their role model. Bombardier was the innovator behind the snowmobile, an innovative vehicle that travels on snow.

The Solar E-Cycle team aims to repeat the feat with a mass produced low cost vehicle that is powered by the sun and will revolutionize transportation in Africa. The team estimates the potential at 10 million vehicles a year. You will find them at Strathmore Energy Research Center at Ole Sangale Rd Madaraka Nairobi. Drop by for a test drive. It will not leave you indifferent.